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Peter Hansen
Post # 236
08-06-2020 | 11:56

Very nice website...
Constance lane niclas MHA
Post # 235
07-28-2020 | 13:17

I just read your comments about my beloved god father captain Wilhelm Frederick Bondeson . He was born in Goteborg, Sweden And rests in the family plot I was notified by the U S consulate when he died. In1947 my father was first mate to uncle bill and was asked to be a god father. He was under cover OSS, officer spoke 4 languages and helped with the German infiltration to the u s.
Judith Murante
Post # 234
07-28-2020 | 09:29

The Captain was a good friend of my dad and family. We called him Uncle Bill. It was wonderful to see his photo and information on his ship.
Thank you. Judith


Thanks to Judith for the posting. She is referring to Captain Wilhem F. Bondeson, master of Michelson, Dutton and Bowditch at various times.

Bill Truslow
1980-1989 Gravity rep NAVO
Post # 233
07-22-2020 | 18:01

Made a lot of great friends on Hess, Bowditch, and Dutton

Enjoyed long tours on all three ships but the Dutton was my favorite

Between Jan 1984 and Aug 1989 I spent more time on the Dutton than I did at home.

Four months after the Dutton was retired I left NAVO.

I sailed on the last voyage of both the Bowditch and Dutton

Still hear from friends from all 3 ships. Feel free to share my email


Bill's email is:

John Livingstone
USNS Bowditch
Post # 232
07-21-2020 | 22:46

Great site! It brings back many great memories. A big hello to all the people that I met on the journey! - John Livingstone
Chas mayfield
Ocunit 3 tags 23 hand Michelson 1968-1969
Post # 231
07-03-2020 | 16:32

Unit yeoman. Responsible for records. Streamed magnetometer with Bill Dutcher the photographer.
Francis Reller
Dutton / Dec. 70 - Feb 72 / US Navy
Post # 230
06-16-2020 | 12:32

I joined Oceanographic Unit 2 while Dutton was in the shipyard (in dry dock) at Wallsend England. We stayed in a hotel at Whitley Bay until the ship was out of dry dock. A couple of my navy shipmates ended up marring local girls. We surveyed mostly in the north Atlantic and visited ports in England, Spain and Portugal. I left when Sutton went into Norfolk for the next ship yard. It was a very interesting tour of duty but since I had a wife and kids back home the separation was a strain.
David Thompson
N. Woodstock
Post # 229
06-15-2020 | 09:03

On Bowditch in Malta Yard 1967 to 1968 in NJ. Thanks for updating and keeping this site going
Lynn F Morgan ETR 2
USNS Bowditch TAGS 21
Post # 228
06-14-2020 | 16:41

thanks for keeping the site alive
Eric Conklin ET-3
USNS Bowditch/1983-1984
Post # 227
06-13-2020 | 23:58

Thank you for sending the invite. My tour on the Bowditch was awesome. wonderful experience and memories. I miss the Canary Islands the most.
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