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Name: Harvey Edwards
Bowditch 1978-1979, Dutton 1975-1976 USN, NAVOCEANO
Post from 03-05-2014, 00:01

I remember Dutton being towed through the Russian fishing fleet and the CO decided to have a "repel borders" drill.

Two years on the Dutton (1975-1976) and one year on Bowditch (1978-1979). Went back to both ships a couple of times with NAVOCEANO in the 1980s.

Name: Russell DiLiberto
H. H. Hess 90-91 USN
Post from 03-03-2014, 00:01

Name: Hal Gross DSC USN Ret
H. H. Hess 1985-1986
Post from 02-16-2014, 00:01

Very interesting times on Hess

Name: Vincent Blunn, DS2
Bowditch 86-87 USN
Post from 01-11-2014, 00:01

This sure brings back a lot of memories! I was aboard the Bowditch during the freakish string of incidents: the fires, DIW, and our Guanabara Bay disaster. I was the NIC Supervisor the day we got hit, and can remember being topside watching that damn freighter coming at us, turning at the last minute and ramming our port side. I was on the bridge for the starboard broadside.

With that, my time on the Bowditch are some of the best memories of my life. I will never forget all the adventures and the friendships.

I really enjoyed reading the Post dated:

Jun 15, 2011, 4:44 pm

By Dennis Cimino

Name: S Glenn Krochmal
Dutton 1964-1966 USN
Post from 11-27-2013, 00:01

Was ET-1... BRN-3 tech with training in Loran "C".
Was in Palamares for the search for the lost "H" bomb.

Name: Lisa Olson Belkofer
Bowditch 1964-1979 Dutton 1964-1979
Post from 11-23-2013, 00:01

Hi, my dad, Victor Olson, served as an oceanorgapher with NAVOCEANO on board the BOWDITCH, MICHELSON, DUTTON and the USNY WYMAN most of my life from 1964- 1979. I am currently trying to figure out what cruises and what ships he was on every year based on the information in this website. My dad died suddenly in Feb 1980. The photos and stories on this website have been so helpful to me and give me a great appreciation for not only the work done but the life aboard a ship. I am so thankful for all the information. I especially like the photos of the activities that were done on the ship...horseshoes and target shooting. I am sure my dad participated, but can't prove it. If anyone remembers my dad I would love to hear from you.

Name: RM1 Mike Ingram
H. H. Hess 88 - 89 USN
Post from 11-08-2013, 00:01

Midnight madness on the volleyball court! The flea market in Rio - think it was called the 'hippie' market? Copacabana! Lord Jim's Pub! Hang-gliding!
A week or 2 in Curacao, I think.
A unique tour!

Name: Peter Brockert
Bowditch 2012-2013 NAVOCEANO
Post from 10-28-2013, 00:01

Currently aboard the T-AGS 62 USNS Bowditch. The brass plate that was on the AGS-21 is now mounted next to our galley. Just found this site and it's a wonderful view into how life at sea was 'back-in-the-day'.

A tip of my hat and a great and heartfelt thanks for letting us stand on your shoulders.

ET Peter Brockert

Name: Herbert Blake IC-1
Bowditch 2-64 Dutton 2-64 3-65
Post from 10-18-2013, 00:01

I spent time on the Bowditch and Michelson while at the New York Shipyard, then was part of the Dutton crew until I was discharged in 1965.

Name: Jay Dorsey ET3
Bowditch 1981-1982 USN
Post from 10-16-2013, 00:01

Came aboard in Lisbon Portugal best year of my life in the US Navy saw the world and enjoyed every minute of it. Left at Las Palmas, Gran Canaries. I remember when crew stole the Russian Flag off the ship moored in front of us. Had visit from embassy searching the ship for the flag but they never found it.

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