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Name: Benjamin Rowand MSC
Bowditch 79-80
Post from 10-13-2013, 00:01

Joined Mighty Bowditch at the NIT commercial pier in Norfolk. 1979-1980. CHENG was Lewindowski (sp?), 28 days uw then a week in Ft. Lauderdale. Not so bad a sked...

Name: Gordon Powell STG2 USN
Bowditch 1970-71 Michelson 1969-70
Post from 10-04-2013, 00:01

Came on to the Michelson as an STG3 and made STG2 right before I left for the Bowditch.

Name: Fred Moses USN
Dutton 1966-1968
Post from 09-19-2013, 00:01

came aboard ET3, left as ET2

Name: Bill Klein ETR-2,ET1
Dutton 1962-1963
Post from 09-07-2013, 00:01

Just a year of marriage under my belt when I reported aboard and a newborn in my "crew" to boot, so this was a real test. Many thanks to my shipmates who helped me through and especially to LCDR Bruce, who was OINC while I was aboard. Different types of electronics equipments than I previously maintained, but it all helped in my long run to Master Chief Electronics Technician. A real springboard to my becoming affiliated with the Naval Air Traffic Control branch which caused me to "languish" as a shore duty sailor for the last seventeen years of my naval career.

Name: Frank Earhart, ET3 USN
Bowditch 1978-1979
Post from 08-19-2013, 00:01

I will always remember the great times and great ports that we visited while onboard the Bowditch. It was sad to see her go away and be scraped. We had some great times from our numerous visits to Bermuda to our great yard period in Boston. Bowditch will always have a place in my heart since she was my first Navy ship.
Wish you all the best! Frank

Name: David J. Royer-ETR2 USN
Bowditch 1964-65
Post from 07-20-2013, 00:01

Any of you who served in this era onboard, may remember John Richard (Jack) Randall IC2 then, he stayed in and retired with ICCS. He died recently and his Memorial service is today in Arizona. His death was due to Parkinsons from Agent Orange.

Rest in peace Captain Midnight.

Name: Stephen Shobe, RM1 USN
Dutton 1973-1974
Post from 05-19-2013, 00:01

Hey Phil and others in Oceanographic Unit 2...Now you have the Radioman that was with you guys! (Remember the two nice lady Ensigns!!) and the beautiful yard period in Marselles, fine food and expensive carpet.You always managed to keep the RM's out of the picture! Came aboard in Lisbon

Name: Charles S Beard Chief Stewa
Bowditch 02 Civ cintractor Levino
Post from 03-24-2013, 00:01

Capt Kenneth Webb, 87 yrs old ,"went down to the sea" for the last time, headed for 'the golden shores',year before last.He was the last civilian Master of Bowditch,an old time sailor who came up thru the hawse pipe after WW II (on submarines) to become Captain;He had little time for fools(Naval or corporate),was a real gentlemen of the old school and made many a slacker rue the day they signed on any of the ships he commanded.A hard but fair taskmaster and a raconteur of the first order,he will be missed by his friends and shipmates. He loved sailing and we hope that where ever he ended up,there's a good sized fully rigged bark to keep him busy and out of the Boss' way!

Name: Chet Headley US, GI
Bowditch 1966 Michelson 1964, 65, 67,68,69,70,71,72
Post from 01-25-2013, 00:01

Today, 24 Jan 2013, I reached a milestone I am sure many of you have already reached. Fifty years ago today I was sworn into the US Navy. It was a cold -25f in Munroe Falls, Ohio (Akron), and colder still when I arrived in Cleveland to be sworn in.

When I arrived at Great Lakes it was a balmy -30f. I was frozen to the bone; the train from Cleveland to Chicago lacked heat, the pipes were frozen.

What I never could have envisioned at that time was where my Naval Service would send me and what it would do for me afterwards.

I owe the US Navy a deep debt of gratitude for the training it provided me, my assignment to the T-AGS ships and all the fine folks I served with.

God Bless you all and thanks for your service to our country.


Name: Thomas Naivar USN Sonar Tec
Bowditch 1964-1965
Post from 12-23-2012, 00:01

My Naval history:
Boot camp Great Lakes July 1963. Class A and Class C Sonar School Key West, FLA. Onboard early 1964 in Yokasuka, Japan. Stewart "Chester" Veltman and I were together from Boot Camp, training and two years aboard the Bowditch. Stewart broke his leg on the beach while waiting for the ship and reported aboard with leg in cast...thus the nick name."Chester". I came from Texas..thus my nickname.."Tex". Best duty I ever had in the Navy..wish I could have stayed longer.

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