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Name: Chet Headley USN, General I
Bowditch 66 Michelson 64, 65, 67,68, 69, 70, 71, 72
Post from 12-20-2014, 00:01

0410 CST Saturday 20 Dec 2014

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !!!


Name: John Nigro NAVOCEANO
Bowditch 1975-82 Dutton 1976-81 H. H. Hess 1980
Post from 12-04-2014, 00:01

Came aboard the Bowditch in July 1975 as magnetics rep. (maggot). It was the first of seven 2 to 3 month trips over a seven year period. Unfortunately I lost most of my photos and memorabilia in hurricane Katrina. I used to have the patches pictured on the home page of this site. Great times on those big old ships.

Name: John Hansen ETR2
Michelson 1962-64
Post from 11-28-2014, 00:01

A few days after Thanksgiving in 1962 Michelson was tied up starboard side to a pier at Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After a long transatlantic flight via Gander, Newfoundland and Glasgow, Scotland I arrived in the middle of the night. An empty chair greeted me at the top of the gangway. Nobody was in sight. Poking my head through the hatch, I found a bunch of guys hanging out in the bos'n's cabin. One of them told me "just go down those stairs over there. That's where is Navy is". Thus began a most memorable two year cruise on a survey ship.

Name: David Chuck Minnich
Dutton 77-79 USN
Post from 08-19-2014, 00:01

Always fond memories of my times with OCU 2. Thanks for stirring up some of them :)

Name: James E, Cole IC1
Dutton 58-59 USN
Post from 07-21-2014, 00:01

I see that you don't have any of the old timers listed. I was aboard from the middle of 1958 to mid Dec 1959. If you are interested I can probably remember some of my shipmates. I was an IC3 at the time. Sort of funny, one of my neighbor's family name is Dutton and I live on Michelson St.

Name: Chet Headley ST2 USN
Bowditch 1966 Michelson 1964, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72
Post from 07-09-2014, 00:01

09 July 2014
Three days ago, 06 July 2014, I celebrated my 50th anniversary of reporting aboard the USNS Michelson T-AGS 23 at USN Supply Depot - US Army Terminal, Bayonne, New Jersey for the first of three tours, one Navy and two civilian.

Hard to believe so many years have intervened since that day.

Best wishes to all the folks that sailed these great ships. It was a unique assignment that led to a great life and careers.

Thank you US Navy... and the Draft Board for giving me the "extra incentive" to join the Navy before I found myself residing in a foxhole.


Name: Carey Willis Jr
Dutton 101958 21960 MSTS
Post from 06-12-2020, 00:01

Name: Harvey Edwards
Bowditch 1978-1979, Dutton 1975-1976 USN, NAVOCEANO
Post from 03-05-2014, 00:01

I remember Dutton being towed through the Russian fishing fleet and the CO decided to have a "repel borders" drill.

Two years on the Dutton (1975-1976) and one year on Bowditch (1978-1979). Went back to both ships a couple of times with NAVOCEANO in the 1980s.

Name: Russell DiLiberto
H. H. Hess 90-91 USN
Post from 03-03-2014, 00:01

Name: Hal Gross DSC USN Ret
H. H. Hess 1985-1986
Post from 02-16-2014, 00:01

Very interesting times on Hess

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