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Name: Ron Seely
Bowditch 1984 - 1986 USN
Post from 06-17-2015, 00:01

I could not believe it when I heard the ship was sunk in Rio shortly after I left her. Many happy memories. RIP

Name: David "Dave" Royer
Bowditch 1960,1964,1969 Dutton 1961 USN
Post from 05-25-2015, 00:01

Lt Crestin was a good and honest man.

Name: Shawn Tharp RM2
Bowditch 1986
Post from 05-21-2015, 00:01

Name: Steven Hanson
Dutton 1971 -1972 USN
Post from 04-23-2015, 00:01

Did not know Earl personally, but do fondly remember my year on Dutton and the great Navy people I served with there. Live in New Hampshire and would love to meet with anyone.

BTW the story about the truck and hamburgers in Norfolk is really true, I was standing there.

Steven "Red" Hanson, ETCS(SS) USN Retired

Name: Merle W. Fickett, Jr.
Michelson 64, 65 General Instrument Corp, Field Engineer
Post from 04-21-2015, 00:01

Name: Steve Howard Retired USN
Bowditch 59-60
Post from 04-20-2015, 00:01

I just found out that Earl had died. I'm very sorry to hear about that. He and I had corresponded about four years ago, and I had promised to send him some photos when I got around to to sorting through my voluminous photo collection. I just sent a photo and key of 1960 Ocdet 1 sailors, before I realized he had died. So, to whom should I send the photos now? And, thanks so much for rescuing the site!

Name: Chet Headley US Navy, GI
Bowditch 66 Michelson 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72
Post from 04-16-2015, 00:01

Thursday 16 Apr 2015 - 1710 hrs CDT

Earl's TAGS site is back on-line at the original URL - Domain name:

It went on-line yesterday in the late afternoon. Thank you all for bearing with us while we worked to make it happen and for your support and encouragement during the time it was down.

If you know of anyone that served on the T-AGS in any capacity, please let them know the site is up and running as Earl intended.

Thank you all,

Phil Brooks
Chet Headley

Name: Ray Fleming
Dutton 02 Michelson 03 Gen. Instruments
Post from 04-15-2015, 00:01

Name: Chet Headley US Navy, Gen I
Bowditch 66 Michelson 64, 65,67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72
Post from 04-15-2015, 00:01

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Phil and I were notified yesterday that the domain is ours. So things have moved along faster than we originally expected, which is great. We have a few more items to take care of but the site should be on-line at the original domain later today or early tomorrow. We will post a message as soon as it is up.


Name: Paul Swagler
Bowditch 65-66 USN
Post from 04-10-2015, 00:01

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