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William Green
Michelson, 1966-67, Bowditch 67-68
Post # 249
03-08-2021 | 14:49

Served on Michelson based in Yokosuka, in 1966, what a fine time to be 19. Remember the military club and the Black Rose bar. Cycled thru Dam Neck in the summer and on to Bowditch as it was going into dry dock in Malta, Best time of my Navy life was Barcelona at Christmas, we were scheduled to leave about a week before Christmas but somehow the ship broke and we we stuck for 2 more weeks. Bowditch ported from Malta to Belfast and many stops along the way. Good times.
William Green
Post # 248
03-08-2021 | 14:04

Served on both Bowditch and Michelson in mid 1960s. That was really a different type of Navy duty, lol.
Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Bill Green
Antoni Casinos
En Visita de Cortesia
Post # 247
02-12-2021 | 11:58

I congratulate all of you who have made the website possible, the amount of information you offer is spectacular. It is very difficult to compress all this into three or four pages and I promise that I will return to discuss your story on my website.

I just found the photograph I was looking for of the USNS Bowditch in Barcelona, for me the image is so good that I must protect it at all costs when I publish it in my article, therefore I will put a mark or with the author's name, which in this case is: WILLIAM H. "ACE" HUNTER PROPERTY

It is also a historical photograph of the port of Barcelona, since very few visible elements are still standing today, it is incredible!


This guest log message is from a Spanish historian who writes about the ships visiting the port of Barcelona. His blog entry dated February 13, 2021 in En Visita de Cortesía about the Sea Cowboys tells how SS South Bend Victory (later USNS Bowditch) transported cattle, horses, chickens, goats and rabbits to Poland in the days after WW II.

Terri Jane Michael-Wehrer
Post # 246
12-21-2020 | 14:47

Love and miss you guys and gals and all our good times!
Christine Headley
Michelson, Bowditch, 64-65, 66, 67-68, 69-72
Post # 245
12-20-2020 | 05:54

Wishing everyone a Very Blessed, Healthy, Safe, Happy Christmas and New Year.

John (Admin),

Please send me an email and let me know how to get all the stuff I have to you so you can post it on the site. In the process of relocating from this frozen land (Texas) to someplace where it stays warm and doesn't rain often, maybe two or three times a year. Also has low humidity and the predominant color is Tan.

Thanks in advance,

Best Always,

Barry Bethel
Bowditch/Bunker Ramo Tech Rep
Post # 244
12-03-2020 | 07:07

Wishing all my shipmates a MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best in 2021.

Barry Bethel
Thomas Johnson
NavCommSta Greece 1969-70
Post # 243
11-26-2020 | 11:54

I was a radio operator at NGR and copied many encrypted msgs from the Bowditch and the Dutton, but was unaware of their true names until many years later.
Stephen C Mathisen
USNS H.H. Hess
Post # 242
11-11-2020 | 12:49

Served aboard the Hess in 77-78.
Stephen A Brockman
USNU Dutton 72-75 Navy
Post # 241
11-09-2020 | 15:54

It was great duty with a lot of isolation, and a lot of sea time.
Scott Shannon
Post # 240
11-03-2020 | 17:52

Had the privilege of working with some awesome sailors and civilian reps. My best tour ever while in the navy as a mini sins tech
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