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Name: ET3 Dave Johnson
Bowditch 1964 USN
Post from 01-29-2016, 00:01

I read the entry from Gary Hooper and I was on the Bowditch at the same time. I remember soome of the guys. I remember the XO Mr Moss especially. Great guy. My year on the Bowditch was fun and interesting.

Name: Steve Howard ET-3,2
Bowditch 59-60
Post from 10-31-2015, 00:01

Thanks for your diligence in getting the site back up and running. I look forward to having the opportunity to contribute a photo of the OCTDET crew in 1960. I'd welcome hearing from anyone who was aboard during that time.

Name: Chet Headley
Bowditch 1966 Michelson 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72 USN, Gen Inst
Post from 10-22-2015, 00:01

Wednesday 22 Oct 2015 - 0100 hrs CDT

During the process of acquiring Earl's site we have found some interesting facts about our friend Earl. Earl was not one to brag or toot his own horn. He did say in his Bio that he graduated from Penn State with a BS in Biophysics, which is all true. What wasn't said is that he obtained his 4 year degree in 2 years and 5 months. That was an astounding accomplishment. Thought you might like to know.

Still working on the last few issues, which are turning out to be more complex than originally thought. We will get there, just don't know when that ship will make port.

Thanks everyone,


Name: ET1SS lee johnson
Dutton 1985
Post from 10-04-2015, 00:01

Name: ET2 Joseph A. Rugg
Bowditch 1986 USN Ret
Post from 10-02-2015, 00:01

Had a great time. Earned my Shellback on her. Sad that it was her last voyage. Camel riding in Canary Islands was a hoot.

Name: Rich Kelley
H. H. Hess 83-84 USN
Post from 08-18-2010, 00:01

Had a great time with a wonderful crew. Put a lot of miles under the keel aboard Hess.

Name: David S.Willey ET1 "SS"
Michelson 1975 H. H. Hess 10-1977 - 4-1979 USN
Post from 08-16-2015, 00:01

I do miss all the great people I met during the years I served on T-AG ships. So many great memories and places!

Name: Coleen Ellis
H. H. Hess 2015
Post from 08-07-2015, 00:01

All Paws Go To Heaven
It was an honor to assist Mr. Chet Headley with the passing of his beloved dog weeks ago. He had shared this site with me and I just now had a few minutes to peruse the site. What an amazing collection! Thanks, Mr. Headley, for allowing us to assist you in your time of need and for being there for all of us with your service!

Name: Josh Golde
Bowditch 1965-66 MSC
Post from 07-25-2015, 00:01

Thank you for this window to these ships, and the men and women aboard them. My uncle, David Gross, was aboard as a Photographer, and it has been wonderful to research his photos and those around him, tracing their journeys. If possible, please keep this epic website going. Thank you all for compiling all these stories for those of us who are lucky enough to witness through all of their eyes.

Name: John Whitlock, RM3
Bowditch 1970-1973 Dutton 1970-1973 USN
Post from 07-20-2020, 00:01

I was the Radioman from NCS Londonderry who encrypted messages to the Bowditch and Dutton from 1970-1973, via morse code broadcast. Would love to communicate with anyone from that time period who have remembrances. Only now seeing what your ships actually looked like.

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