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Name: John J Reidy
Dutton 1969 - 1970 USN
Post from 06-20-2017, 00:01

I'm looking for a Corpman named Max Fuentes, and a Lt JG. from Dallas Tx.,but the name escapes me? We had a great time aboard the ship in the North Atlantic. I spent one of the Best X-mas's in Edinborough Scotland , when we put together all the Cartoons for under privileged Children. I was a ETR-3

Name: Dave Johnson
Bowditch 1963-64
Post from 03-02-2017, 00:01

Just a kid seeing the world...well the ocean for the most part. Did visit Japan, New York and the Panama Canal. Good times and great memories!!

Name: Albert Durgan
Bowditch 1969-1972
Post from 01-10-2017, 00:01

mar '69 - dec '72 would be great to get in touch with some of the guys. I thought it was great duty for single guy.

Name: Robert Ericson-ETR2
Bowditch 1965-66 Dutton 1962-1964
Post from 12-29-2016, 00:01

USN, Dutton then Bowditch, GI Tech Rep
As an ETR3 joined the Dutton in Nov 1962, thru overhaul in Aug 1964. Got out of the Navy and worked as a tech rep on the Harris Sonar Array system on Bowditch from summer 1965 until 1966 (?). Went to college in fall,67. Joined GE in 1972 to work on (what else), the FBM Program! Retired in 2004.

Name: Thomas Ogden Geophysicist
Bowditch 1963,1964 Michelson 1965 NAVOCEANO
Post from 12-19-2016, 00:01

Name: Bill James
Bowditch 1976 - 1978 Dutton 1978 - 1980 H. H. Hess 1981 - 1983 USN
Post from 12-18-2016, 00:01

I happened across this site after reading that China stole and underwater drown from the Bowditch. I sailed on the Bowditch 76-78 as an ET. This was my first ship in the Navy and I had a blast, if you don't mind a lot of time at sea this was some of the best sea duty in the Navy.

Name: Steve Howard
Bowditch 59-60 USN
Post from 12-18-2016, 00:01

It is interesting that the ship that had a "research drone" stolen by the Chinese this past week northwest of Subic was USNS Bowditch.

She looks a bit better than the old lady! But, not nearly as salty.

Name: Roger Swift
Bowditch 1966-1968 Michelson 1965-1966 USN
Post from 12-18-2016, 00:01

Looked for TAGS sight for some time. happy to have found you.

Name: RM1 Stephen Shobe
Dutton 1972-73 USN
Post from 09-24-2016, 00:01

Please add me to your logs...Best of times, Worst of times. Marselles, France, PLM HOTEL,Probably first to have sailed with two female Ensigns!!!

Name: CTA1 John Whitlock
Bowditch 1970-1973 Dutton 1970-1973 USN
Post from 08-29-2016, 00:01

Was an RM3 stationed at NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry, NI, during the above periods and helped to communicate with both ships and several other USNS ships.

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