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Ronald Steppe
USNS Dutton 1973-75
Post # 285
05-29-2023 | 22:28

I look back fondly to those days aboard the USNS Dutton. What an adventure! I was a novice photographer, having just bought a great Canon FTb at Rota and got started right away. I have a few slides all scanned of visits to Naples, Bergen, South Hampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Canary Islands, etc., but like most people I'm sure I don't have very many pictures of myself. Would love to trade with my former shipmates If you happen to have any pics with me in them. Thanks!
Mike Fitzherbert
USNS Dutton 1976 and 1977
Post # 284
05-22-2023 | 09:39

Great first sea duty, just like McHale's Navy. :)
Michael Lopes
Bowditch/1965 and 1966/NAVOCEANO
Post # 283
05-11-2023 | 11:54

North Sea in the winter was an experience everyone should have.
Chris Headley
Michelson: 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Bowditch: 66
Post # 282
05-06-2023 | 20:25

Hello Claude, 06 May 2023

Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear that your Father Claude Creswell passed away. I remember him well along with Bill (I think, can't remember his last name) who worked with your Dad. They were two of the most brilliant folks to work on the T-AGS Ships. Every member of the T-AGS crews were extremely brilliant, which is why they were hand picked to be there.

Learned a lot from your Dad and his Informatics Team-mate Bill. I was fortunate to be assigned to the SASS system which your Dad and Bill had an immense influence on which contributed to its great success.

I'm in Phoenix Arizona. I'd like to communicate with you. Contact the site administrator Phil Brooks. He can arrange for us to contact each other via Email.

Thanks again for posting on the log. You Father was a great influence in my life. I can now thank Him through You.

God Bless
Best Always
Chris Headley
Post # 281
05-01-2023 | 09:07

Hello. I just stumbled onto this website. I see Chris Headley mentioned my father Claude Creswell. He worked for Informatics until 1980. As a kid I remember him speaking of going out on Naval ships to help log the ocean bottom and I believe he said it was for the POLARIS project. He did a lot of cool stuff back then. He passed away January 2017. Going thru papers in his desk after he passed we found a letter from President Nixon to him dated December 1968. Nixon was personally asking him for help on a project. Might have even been the one you spoke of.

Christine Headley
Michelson: 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Bowditch 66.
Post # 280
04-22-2023 | 15:58

Hello Tags Crews, 22 April 2023

You All Are Special

Spent 6.5 years aboard the Tags and at sea. 1.5 aboard the Mike and 1 aboard the Bowditch; Then four more years aboard the Mike as a civilian engineer for SASS.

Still in contact with a few of the folks I sailed with. I do miss those days, they were a very unique and a very special time in my life. I'm proud of all of your Naval Service and those of you who were civilians serving the project.

There are times I wish that I had stayed until they turned the lights off. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Fair winds and following seas; God Bless and thank You all for being an important part of a Great and Important Project . . . . and also for being a part of my life, I do miss you all.

Thank You one and All.
Best Always
Warren W Rodie
Post # 279
03-31-2023 | 16:56

Twas an entertaining 15 months. Crew was great and kept things lively.
Thomas Joseph Pettin
Post # 278
03-26-2023 | 23:06

Proud to have sailed with NAVOCEANO from 1968 through 1977. Salutations Bill Hart, Bill Miner, Father Sprague and many, many more fine men.
Christine Headley
Michelson - 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Bowditch - 66
Post # 277
03-12-2023 | 01:51

Hi Shipmates, 12 March 2023

On 24 January 2023, I celebrated the 60th anniversary of my joining the US Navy. It was a good decision as I had been drafted into the US Army. During the process of completing my "Draft" exams and what have you, I managed to slip out of the building and headed for the Navy Recruiting office.

As fate would have it, I was accepted, given new papers to have the Army transfer me to the Navy. I have been very thankful for the way things turned out. I have been very successful in life due to my Navy technical training.

Unfortunately, time is taking its toll. Our ships program started in 1958, 65 years ago. A large number of the early crews have gone on to Heavenly pastures. Wishing them "Calm Winds and Following Seas"

Thanks to everyone that has been associated with the T-AGS program. You have helped to keep the world safe from Nuclear war.

Thank You Amigos. May God Bless You all.
Best Always
Christine Headley
ET1-SS Paul M. Altenhoff
Bowditch/84-85/Navy Detachment
Post # 276
12-22-2022 | 15:26

I found the menu area and would like to thank Bill Truslow for posting it here. I was onboard during that time!

Thanks again, great memories...

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