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Fred Martin
Michelson 1967-1969. Bowditch 1971-1972
Post # 291
11-03-2023 | 21:13

Tech rep for Bunker Ramo Corp.
Fay Ryan
1989 Merchant Marine
Post # 290
10-30-2023 | 05:39

My father, Captain Joseph W. Ryan, Mercant Marine, Master Mariner was stationed on the USNS H.H. Hess when it was at Port Canaveral. Does anyone remember him he passed away in 1998.

Admin Edit: If anyone wants to contact Fay, please send me a message from the Admin link on the main page.
Richard Hammer
1966-1967, Morgantown Victory, 1969, Canada Bear (8500shp)
Post # 289
10-27-2023 | 23:30

Morgantown Victory was broken out to haul ammunition to Viet Nam from Port Chicago, CA. I sailed as an oiler with the Marine Fireman's Union.
Pete Vargas
Post # 288
08-23-2023 | 13:08

Served 1981-1982 from OSP School, followed by sub duty.
Timothy Potter
Ocunit One USNS Bowditch Feb - 1981-Feb 1983 US Navy
Post # 287
08-06-2023 | 15:26

Was assigned to the Ocunit One out of D-Mins Navigation School at Submarine School Groton Ct. My friend Bill Ashburn who also attend the same school was assigned to ship as well . It was a great experience and learned a lot very quickly. After 30 days at see in rough seas, went back to the ship yard and about 1/3 of the crew transferred. The tech reps and NAOCEANO rep awesome and they were always willing to give guidance, both at sea and in port.
Jerry R Hayes
Post # 286
07-08-2023 | 08:17

I served on the Michelson Tag- 23 1962 - 1964 , would like to contact any served 62-64, i was IC PO3 and made PO2 in Belfast. Loved the duty and those i served with.
Ronald Steppe
USNS Dutton 1973-75
Post # 285
05-29-2023 | 22:28

I look back fondly to those days aboard the USNS Dutton. What an adventure! I was a novice photographer, having just bought a great Canon FTb at Rota and got started right away. I have a few slides all scanned of visits to Naples, Bergen, South Hampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Canary Islands, etc., but like most people I'm sure I don't have very many pictures of myself. Would love to trade with my former shipmates If you happen to have any pics with me in them. Thanks!
Mike Fitzherbert
USNS Dutton 1976 and 1977
Post # 284
05-22-2023 | 09:39

Great first sea duty, just like McHale's Navy. :)
Michael Lopes
Bowditch/1965 and 1966/NAVOCEANO
Post # 283
05-11-2023 | 11:54

North Sea in the winter was an experience everyone should have.
Chris Headley
Michelson: 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Bowditch: 66
Post # 282
05-06-2023 | 20:25

Hello Claude, 06 May 2023

Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear that your Father Claude Creswell passed away. I remember him well along with Bill (I think, can't remember his last name) who worked with your Dad. They were two of the most brilliant folks to work on the T-AGS Ships. Every member of the T-AGS crews were extremely brilliant, which is why they were hand picked to be there.

Learned a lot from your Dad and his Informatics Team-mate Bill. I was fortunate to be assigned to the SASS system which your Dad and Bill had an immense influence on which contributed to its great success.

I'm in Phoenix Arizona. I'd like to communicate with you. Contact the site administrator Phil Brooks. He can arrange for us to contact each other via Email.

Thanks again for posting on the log. You Father was a great influence in my life. I can now thank Him through You.

God Bless
Best Always
Chris Headley
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