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Name: ET2 April Ziems
Bowditch 1986 USN OCU-1|
Post from 10-16-2019, 00:01

I still have my Ships Cup and Patch.
As years go past the memories have never been forgotten, nor
my shipmates and others onboard. The unique locations in port was an adventure in geography and cultures.
My Shellback certificate is with my Fathers on the wall, (WWII). Peace ...Fair Winds and Blue Skies

Name: Francis Reller
Dutton 1971 - 1972 USN
Post from 10-12-2019, 00:01


Name: ET2 Joseph Rugg
Bowditch 1986 USN Ret
Post from 07-21-2019, 00:01

Trying to find Date-Time, Coordinates for Shellback Certificate Duplicate. Orig lost in transit somewhere.

Bowditch 1971 1972 USN
Post from 06-26-2019, 00:01

I attended ET-A School, Special Technology ,School prior
joining the Crew of the Bowditch in the fall of 1971, I didn't
know how lucky I was to serve on a Oceanographic Survey Ship.

Name: chuck faulkner ET2
Bowditch 1969 1970 USN
Post from 12-28-2018, 00:01

Crew 1 of 3 supervisor.. Great duty for the last year of service. 3 months in Med, 9 in North Atlantic. BLUE NOSE, with 2 Gail 10 and 1 Gail 8 storms. Out for 28 days in a different port for 7, each month. Never hit a military port. Felt like a tourist 7 days a month.

Name: Chet Headley ST2, GI Tech
Michelson, Bowditch USN, General Instrument ESD
Post from 01-01-2018, 00:01

Bowditch 1966
Michelson 1964 - 1965, 67 -68, 69 - 72
01 January 2018

Happy New Year to All.

Sadly, our ranks have been thinning and continue to do so; Roger Pence (Michelson 64 - 66, Bowditch 66) passed away 09 November 2017 at 1800 hr PST. Rest in Peace Rog.

God Bless you all.


Name: Paul Schlehr CWO-3 Ret.
Dutton 70 -71 H. H. Hess 77 -78
Post from 11-25-2017, 00:01

Old equipment but we made it work! on the Hess
Newcastle to Oporto, Glascow, Belfast & Southhampton & others Dutton was fun

Name: Bill Gumert Geophysicist
Post from 09-28-2017, 00:01

Bowditch 1962
Dutton 1961
Michelson 1963,1965,1966

Spent many a day on these three survey ships. First trip on Dutton was July 1961 to November 1961 On Bowditch in 1962 and the Michelson 1963 and 1966. Also was on Archerfish September 1963 to April 1964

Name: Joe Ciliberto
Bowditch 1978-1979 USN
Post from 08-07-2017, 00:01

So many great memories. Did a tour on the Bowditch as an ETN-3 (NavAids) before heading to Pearl to the USS Patrick Henry, SSBN 599B for 2 years then 5 months at NAVASTROGRU-C in Hawaii tracking NAVSAT and installing the first GPS system. Did 22 years at Northrop now at Intrepid Solutions. I owe the Navy everything career-wise. Had read about eLORAN supplementing GPS and wanted to find a picture of the WPN3. Found this great site! I found our XO (LT Gunderson) in DC but no one else.

Name: Tyler, Jack, Radioman
Post from 07-22-2017, 00:01

Never served with you guys, never knew anyone who did. During my time on Guam, sent many, many encrypted Morse code messages to Michelson. All of us at the COMMSTA had top secret with broad need-to-know attachments (we did handle message traffic), but none of us could ever find out anything except we weren't to mention your name outside the message center. Enjoyed reading your site tremendously; another item off a 68-year old's bucket list! Thanks for doing this. Fair wind and following seas.

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