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Geoffrey H Zeamer
Dutton and Hess, General Instruments
Post # 261
03-08-2022 | 08:36

General Instrument Tech rep.
Dutton and Hess
Ron Warmuth
Bowditch 1977-1979 ET3 Radio
Post # 260
02-23-2022 | 21:42

Any shipmates out there? I missed Dr J's post from 2008. Admin pls send my email off to Willie J Massey USN
Darryl Stewart
Dutton, '78-79, OceanoUnit2, IC1-ICC
Post # 259
02-09-2022 | 05:43

One of my best sea tours and resulted in me getting my orders to PI! Nobody has mentioned the Wallball games in hold 3(I believe)! Got my ICC selection info while aboard Dutton!
Jack Pelland
Bowditch 1974 1975 Navy
Post # 258
01-25-2022 | 21:37

ETN3 Motorcycle Gang
Douglas C Findlay
Post # 257
01-18-2022 | 21:49

Though I didn't see her listed, I was a NAVOCEANO ET aboard T-AGS-27, the USNS Elisha Kent Kane, from 1982 through 1988. Also, my dad Jim was with 'Navo' from the 60s until his retirement in the 90s, and he new many people who sailed aboard the USNS Wyman (T-AGS-34).
PatrickJ. Ryan
Michelson 72-74
Post # 256
01-12-2022 | 05:27

Reading the Web Page brought back fond memories of my time aboatd.
ETR1 Albert L. Rosencrantz
Bowditch, 1962-63, USN
Post # 255
12-23-2021 | 07:25

None at this time
Joe Sabo
USNS Dutton 1967-1969
Post # 254
12-21-2021 | 15:29

I was a Navy ET. Had some great experiences that I shared with some terrific guys. Went to a lot of different ports in Europe that bring back many fond memories. It was a very special time in my life. Would love to hear from any of my old shipmates. A few come to mind: John Spannering, Rich Sosna, "Red" Tomlimson, "Pete" Petersen, Scott VanDemark,
Gary H Hooper
Bowditch/1964 and 1967-68/USN
Post # 253
12-07-2021 | 07:32

Looking for photos of self from my time on Bowditch.
Brooke Clarke
Post # 252
08-03-2021 | 19:32

Hi: I have been studying sonobuoys since 2011 where my focus was on the buoy itself.
.../CRT- 1BSonobuoy.html
I'm now looking at how the data was displayed and have discovered the AQA-5 plotter.
,,,/ SSQ53ASonobuoy.html#Displays
I'm trying to learn details on the AQA-5 such as how it did the frequency spectrum, patents, plotting by stylus or a fixed array of heating elements &Etc.
Have Fun,
Brooke Clarke
PRC68 dot com


Brooke Clarke may be contacted by email at:

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