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Bob Lord
Bowditch 72-73, Michelson 73-74 Bunker Ramo Tech Rep
Post # 269
11-03-2022 | 16:32

A couple shipmate updates:
I'm sad to report that ET2 Dave Strause from the '70s Bowditch crew passed away in November of 2021 as a result of COVID. Some of you may remember his Scottish wife Linda, who joined us at many inports in So'ton. Dave and Linda raised 2 boys who went on to take the whole family into the big-time, Hollywood special-effects business. Look up "Greg and Colin Strause" and "hydraulx" in Wikipedia for the whole story. Linda now lives with one of their sons and is doing well.

PH3 Jim "Burd" Harris and I talked a while back, and he's living in Staunton, Virginia as a retired pastor there. He was always an amazing artist, and he now does it commercially. Check his stuff at: jim-harris.pixels (dot) com

Ron Hauser, my old buddy from Bunker Ramo who replaced me on the Michelson, lives near St Louis on a lake with his and wife Robin's extended family nearby. A pimped-out boat and a quiver of rods keep his fishing Jones well alive.

ET1 Dennis "Flash" Johnsey lives outside Austin, Tx and fiddles with vintage Corvairs to keep himself out of trouble. One Southampton inport, Flash and I took a pair of rusty, old bicycles on trains and a hovercraft to Paris, and the debauched trip is documented in photos on this site.

As for me, I've lived in Colorado for almost 45 years now, and I retired from the wonderful world of software development at HP in 2013. Overall, it's been a helluva ride, hasn't it?

Many kudos to John Hansen for building this wonderful Website from the one started by Earl Adams, who passed some years ago. Big kudos also to Phil Brooks and Chet Headley for their superhuman efforts to retrieve Earl's content as the foundation for John's site. A pretty amazing feat by all three of you and much appreciated.
Chris Headley
Michelson 64-65, 67-68, 69-72. Bowditch 66
Post # 268
10-24-2022 | 23:59

Spent 6.5 years on the two ships, mostly the Mickey-Maru. Enjoyed those years, some of the best in my young life at the time. Would love to do it again but at 82, I don't think long at sea periods would be beneficial to ones health; it's a young person's game.

This coming 23 January 2023 will be my 60th anniversary of joining the US Navy, one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

I usually wear a Navy ball cap. Quite a few folks will thank me for my service. My response is: "I got more out of the Navy than the Navy got out of me. I gave them 8 years of my life, they gave me a Lifetime."

I do miss the ships and the folks that crewed them: Navy, Navo, MSTS/MSC/ Contractors, NASL/NSSNF and anyone else, including the "Spy" among us. Yes, the rumors you may have heard are true to the extent that he was there amongst us US Navy crew. I'll leave it at that. He did receive a "Comeuppance, just not the Firing Squad.

No longer in Texas, relocated to a much nicer and warmer place last year called Phoenix. Grew up in the Akron Ohio area where the average annual sunshine is 67 days. I have experienced more sunshine since coming here than I would experience in 5 years in the Akron area.

Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. I want to wish one and all a Very Blessed Christmas and New Year!!!

Also want to thank one and all for your service to our Country.

We have a mid term election coming up in a few days, please vote like the survival of our great country depends on it. Remember, we were protecting our country from Communism. Your vote can do the same.

We were lucky to have served in the "Not Real Navy." There were only about 2500 Naval Personnel that ever served on our ships.

Best Always

Chris Headley
Dick Goldsworthy
Dutton/1968-69 ET2
Post # 267
09-30-2022 | 17:12

Great shipmates and interesting ports of call
Terri Jane Michael
H. H. Hess/1989-1990/Navy
Post # 266
09-12-2022 | 13:11

I arrived as an SK2 and left as an SK1. Worked hard, played hard, and enjoyed my tour. Miss you guys and gals, my shipmates.
John Hickman
USNS HESS 1986-1987
Post # 265
09-09-2022 | 21:43

That was perhaps my most enjoyable duty.
Ron Walker
USNS Dutton 1969-1971
Post # 264
06-09-2022 | 09:02

From an existing member/contributor, I just thought it was worthwhile to let youall know that there are still folks like me out here that still check in to this site to see any new shipmates or info about the ships.
Grady Hart
Michelson/1970/ Oceanographic Unit 3
Post # 263
04-29-2022 | 17:23

Thanks for the new site.
IC1 John Hussey
USNS Bowditch T-AGS-21 1985-6
Post # 262
03-12-2022 | 22:24

We did a lot of survey work in the Atlantic, pulling liberty in Barbados, Abidjan, and Dakar. Refit in drydock in Bayonne, New Jersey, for a while and we lived in a Holiday Inn in Staten Island during that time. Remember discussions to cut loose on the survey to paricipate in Space Shuttle disaster recovery.
Geoffrey H Zeamer
Dutton and Hess, General Instruments
Post # 261
03-08-2022 | 08:36

General Instrument Tech rep.
Dutton and Hess
Ron Warmuth
Bowditch 1977-1979 ET3 Radio
Post # 260
02-23-2022 | 21:42

Any shipmates out there? I missed Dr J's post from 2008. Admin pls send my email off to Willie J Massey USN
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