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Name: Paul Rokoff
Usns Dutton 1973 1974 Oceanographinc unit 2
Post from 05-18-2020, 19:37

Thanks for saving the photos. I have more slides I still have to scan.

Name: Phil Brooks
Michelson / 70 - 72 / USN, Dutton / 72-74 / USN
Post from 05-17-2020, 15:17

Hello John, your site looks great and you've found and posted so much interesting information! And now you've even restored the content from Earl Adams original site. Brings back memories! Thanks so much! I'll let my old Navy buddies know!

Name: Joseph M. Veneziano
USNS Bowditch T-AGS-21/1980-1981/ Oceanographic Unit One
Post from 04-18-2020, 20:55

ET2 (Nav Aids; Loran, NavSat) on the Bowditch for two one year tours. I joined the ship in Bermuda in the spring of 1980 and left in the spring of 1982. By the time I transferred, I was working as the Navigation Center Supervisor.

Name: ETN2 Keith Oppegard
Michelson -1972-1973- OC Unit 3
Post from 04-17-2020, 13:12

Posted a unit photo from Jan 1973. Interesting times nearly 50 years ago- Latitude 13 bar in Guam- Trying out the SASS over the Marianas trench- and the cruising around the volcano that was emerging from the Pacific


Keith's excellent crew photo is located in the Michelson Crew Portraits.

April 17, 2020

Name: John A. Hansen
USNS Michelson 1962-64
Post from 02-29-2020, 16:00

Here is a photo of an impromptu beer party in a Michelson stateroom while the ship was in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in early 1964. Two of those pictured were temporarily with OCDET 3 while awaiting arrival of USNS Dutton in the yard.

Upload: 02-29-2020
Upload: 02-29-2020

Name: ET2 April Ziems
Bowditch 1986 USN OCU-1|
Post from 10-16-2019, 00:01

I still have my Ships Cup and Patch.
As years go past the memories have never been forgotten, nor
my shipmates and others onboard. The unique locations in port was an adventure in geography and cultures.
My Shellback certificate is with my Fathers on the wall, (WWII). Peace ...Fair Winds and Blue Skies

Name: Francis Reller
Dutton 1971 - 1972 USN
Post from 10-12-2019, 00:01


Name: ET2 Joseph Rugg
Bowditch 1986 USN Ret
Post from 07-21-2019, 00:01

Trying to find Date-Time, Coordinates for Shellback Certificate Duplicate. Orig lost in transit somewhere.

Bowditch 1971 1972 USN
Post from 06-26-2019, 00:01

I attended ET-A School, Special Technology ,School prior
joining the Crew of the Bowditch in the fall of 1971, I didn't
know how lucky I was to serve on a Oceanographic Survey Ship.

Name: chuck faulkner ET2
Bowditch 1969 1970 USN
Post from 12-28-2018, 00:01

Crew 1 of 3 supervisor.. Great duty for the last year of service. 3 months in Med, 9 in North Atlantic. BLUE NOSE, with 2 Gail 10 and 1 Gail 8 storms. Out for 28 days in a different port for 7, each month. Never hit a military port. Felt like a tourist 7 days a month.

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