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Thomas Joseph Pettin
Post # 278
03-26-2023 | 23:06

Proud to have sailed with NAVOCEANO from 1968 through 1977. Salutations Bill Hart, Bill Miner, Father Sprague and many, many more fine men.
Christine Headley
Michelson - 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Bowditch - 66
Post # 277
03-12-2023 | 01:51

Hi Shipmates, 12 March 2023

On 24 January 2023, I celebrated the 60th anniversary of my joining the US Navy. It was a good decision as I had been drafted into the US Army. During the process of completing my "Draft" exams and what have you, I managed to slip out of the building and headed for the Navy Recruiting office.

As fate would have it, I was accepted, given new papers to have the Army transfer me to the Navy. I have been very thankful for the way things turned out. I have been very successful in life due to my Navy technical training.

Unfortunately, time is taking its toll. Our ships program started in 1958, 65 years ago. A large number of the early crews have gone on to Heavenly pastures. Wishing them "Calm Winds and Following Seas"

Thanks to everyone that has been associated with the T-AGS program. You have helped to keep the world safe from Nuclear war.

Thank You Amigos. May God Bless You all.
Best Always
Christine Headley
ET1-SS Paul M. Altenhoff
Bowditch/84-85/Navy Detachment
Post # 276
12-22-2022 | 15:26

I found the menu area and would like to thank Bill Truslow for posting it here. I was onboard during that time!

Thanks again, great memories...

ET1-SS Paul M.Altenhoff
Bowditch Summer July 84/July 85 Navy Detachment
Post # 275
12-22-2022 | 14:54

I think I am listed with my name spelled wrong. Just found this site. I really enjoyed my time on the Bowditch. Merry Christmas to everyone!


Paul, thanks for your postings. Fixed the spelling error!
- admin
Al Hasse
H. H. Hess, 1989-1990, OCU3
Post # 274
12-11-2022 | 13:23

Hunters Point Shipyard -> Pearl Harbor -> Diego Garcia -> Singapore -> Fremantle, Australia -> Singapore -> Fremantle Australia -> Pearl Harbor -> San Diego -> Panama Canal -> Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
Carol Austin Herr
USNS Hess 1978 Bathymetry
Post # 273
11-22-2022 | 22:26

USNS Dutton. 1980
Chris Headley
Michelson, Bowditch, Michelson 1964 - 1972
Post # 272
11-21-2022 | 23:14

Hi Shipmates, 21 November 2022

While perusing the Guest Log I managed to read a couple posts from ladies that served aboard the ships of the "Not Real Navy" which made me curious as to how many women served aboard them. During the nine years I was affiliated with the ships, I remember only one woman that road the ships. She was a Programmer from "Informatics." At the moment, I cannot factually recall her name; my brain is telling me "Elsie Moore" if my memory isn't in fabrication mode. All I can remember is she was a Fantastic Programmer and worked for "Informatics" who did a very large portion of the SASS OLHP (On Line Honey Program). Another two programmers from Informatics were Claude Creswell and Bill, whose last name escapes me. Last I checked Claude is still active in software development.

So, any of you ladies that served aboard our ships, please let us know what you did, when and where you served. We'd love to hear from you.

To everyone: Wishing You-All a "Blessed Thanksgiving" which just happens to be this Thursday.

Best Always

Chris Headley
Michelson, Bowditch
Post # 271
11-20-2022 | 22:24

Hi Shipmates, 20 November 2022

It is with much sadness that I am reporting the passing of Lt David S Crestin. He was the XO when I reported aboard the Bowditch in February 1966 while the ship was docked in Lisbon Portugal.

Dave passed away peacefully 05 November 2022. He was a great Naval Officer and Friend. The memories of his friendship and loyalty will never be forgotten.

God Bless Dave, see You when we meet again . . . .

Chris Headley
John J Reidy ETR-3
USNS Dutton early part of 1969 - May of 1970
Post # 270
11-13-2022 | 05:54

I had fabulous duty on this ship and great ports of visit in the North Sea. As only a E-4 ETR ...I was shocked to be handed a menu and very good chow! I do remeber some excellent personal names: Max Fuentes who was our HM1 corpsman , who served in Nam and was a great friend. Lee Everett was our Bread man and supplied me with eggs, Bacon and fresh bread after that horrible Mid-watch. Then there was a LTJG from Texas who was a very good officer and friend. All the other guys were very helpful to me in fulfilling my duties on the ship, since I never went to "A" school for Electronics !!! I was amazed I passed the test, but I studied my ass off!!! Anyway , Thank you to the people for taking the time in setting this website. I wish I could reach out to some of my Shipmates, if they are alive and kicking? I'm 75 now. Time always catches up! I have a photograph of some personal , when I was on the ship, but unfortunately I don't remember their names. Maybe I could some how post it on your site? Take Care and stay Patriotic in these Crazy times!! God help America!!!
Bob Lord
Bowditch 72-73, Michelson 73-74 Bunker Ramo Tech Rep
Post # 269
11-03-2022 | 16:32

A couple shipmate updates:
I'm sad to report that ET2 Dave Strause from the '70s Bowditch crew passed away in November of 2021 as a result of COVID. Some of you may remember his Scottish wife Linda, who joined us at many inports in So'ton. Dave and Linda raised 2 boys who went on to take the whole family into the big-time, Hollywood special-effects business. Look up "Greg and Colin Strause" and "hydraulx" in Wikipedia for the whole story. Linda now lives with one of their sons and is doing well.

PH3 Jim "Burd" Harris and I talked a while back, and he's living in Staunton, Virginia as a retired pastor there. He was always an amazing artist, and he now does it commercially. Check his stuff at: jim-harris.pixels (dot) com

Ron Hauser, my old buddy from Bunker Ramo who replaced me on the Michelson, lives near St Louis on a lake with his and wife Robin's extended family nearby. A pimped-out boat and a quiver of rods keep his fishing Jones well alive.

ET1 Dennis "Flash" Johnsey lives outside Austin, Tx and fiddles with vintage Corvairs to keep himself out of trouble. One Southampton inport, Flash and I took a pair of rusty, old bicycles on trains and a hovercraft to Paris, and the debauched trip is documented in photos on this site.

As for me, I've lived in Colorado for almost 45 years now, and I retired from the wonderful world of software development at HP in 2013. Overall, it's been a helluva ride, hasn't it?

Many kudos to John Hansen for building this wonderful Website from the one started by Earl Adams, who passed some years ago. Big kudos also to Phil Brooks and Chet Headley for their superhuman efforts to retrieve Earl's content as the foundation for John's site. A pretty amazing feat by all three of you and much appreciated.
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