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Dennis Warren 2nd class ET
Dutton 1973 -1975, Bowditch 1976 - 1977
Post # 301
02-11-2024 | 14:33

Served on both the Dutton and Bowditch. Loved the life and travel and the many people I served with.
Christine (Chris) Headley
1964, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72. Mike, Bowditch, Mike
Post # 300
02-03-2024 | 23:52

Hello All, 03 February 2024

Closing in on 3 years in Phoenix. Had both knees replaced last year, left 01 June and right 03 August 2023. I've had to relearn how to walk correctly. Should have had this done 10 years ago.

Having my old 2000 Ford Intercepter cop car restored. Hope they get her finished before the end of this year. We've had her 24 years and decided to bring her back to her original glory. She never lost a chase, motorcycles included. Guess I was just crazy enough to win the chase.

Did have a great conversation with Fred Martin (Bunker Ramo Engineer) recently.

Miss our shipmates and the ships themselves. It was a great honor and privilege serving in the T-AGS program.

Wishing you all great health and happiness. God Bless You All.

Best Always
James Palermo Jr.
USNS H.H. Hess 1990 USN
Post # 299
01-30-2024 | 15:28

I had a great time on this ship. It was exciting in the North Atlantic and I will never forget it.
Warren W Rodie
Post # 298
01-29-2024 | 20:37

On board July (or August) 1987 to November 1988
Mike Fitch
Bowditch 1976 Ph 2c
Post # 297
01-29-2024 | 03:35

Served under LCDR Evans. I was the ship photographer and was aboard when Dr. Ballard was aboard.
Jeffrey Smith
Post # 296
01-24-2024 | 17:43

Was on the Dutton a couple of times. Most memorable embarked in Guam, inport in Diego Garcia, then Barbados & debarked in Jacksonville. Around the world in almost exactly 80 days!
Scott Natte
USNS Bowditch T-AGS 21
Post # 295
01-08-2024 | 17:15

One of few US Navy personnel from 1982 to 1984. ET Nav Tech. Assigned/Boarded ship in 1982 at Las Palmas, Grand Canaria, SP and departed when dry docked in Port Canaveral, FL in 1984 due to medical discharge. Email:
Christine Headley
Mike 64, 65, Bowditch 66, Mike 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72
Post # 294
01-02-2024 | 22:38

02 January 2024 21 hrs MST

Had a great conversation with Fred Martin a few days back. It had been 50 years since we last spoke. It was a great honor and pleasure talking with him.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful New Year.
Joseph A. Rugg ET2
USNS Bowditch/1986-87/OCU 1
Post # 293
12-27-2023 | 10:09

37 Yrs ago I boarded USNS Bowditch as a Fresh ET2, having cross rated from an RM. We were in port Rota Spain. Sea was calm, but being the land luber that I was, I got very sea sick. We pulled out into the Atlantic and headed north. LCDR C. Nelson was the CO. Thankfully by the time we hit rough weather I had gotten my sea legs. We were taking 35 deg rolls and it was a blast. We did an inport at Las Palmas, I road a camel on a volcano!!. I was inducted into the Merchant Marines, as our Civ Cook suffered a medical Casualty and I was the only one aboard willing to admit food service exp. We then headed south. We ran lines, and then had an engineering casualty. Got pulled into Rio. Did Carnival in Rio, then with ship OOC most of Us were flown to Gulfport. Damn Mardi Gras!! Most interesting year of a 23 year military career. God Bless all the Shipmates, both Military and Civilian.
Luis Ramirez
USNS Hess 1987
Post # 292
12-19-2023 | 08:43

Last year in the Navy for me was onboard the USNS Hess in 1987. Great way to end my 10 years of enlistment. Loved the sports and the people - the scientists, high caliber Navy personnel AND my own cabin. What was there not to like??. Peplo, Buzz, Carla, how are you all
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