Earl Adams

Earl was a Navy Electronics Technician from Sept 1964 to May 1974. He served aboard Bowditch from Dec 1966 to Jan 1969, as an ETR-3 and ETR-2, and aboard Michelson from May 1970 to Mar 1971, as an ET-1. Aboard Bowditch he was responsible for the ASPS-III Acoustic Ships Positioning System and the Deep Ocean Transponders, and served in transponder launches and watches in NIC, Sonar and Survey Control. On Michelson he was leading ET and watch supervisor, as well as the BRN-3 technician. He attended The Pennsylvania State University after leaving the Navy, graduating with a B.S. in Biophysics, and worked in biomedical and pharmaceutical research until 2003. Earl originated this web site in 2007.

Bowditch Photo Albums 1967-68

Bowditch at Sea: Misc. Black and White Photos



Lisbon: The Liberty Boat



Stateroom and Roommates

The Crew

More Bowditch Photos 1967-68

In Barcelona

Ace Hunter sent me this one, taken in Barcelona. No I am not asleep, I am contemplating the near future, which is the reason for the smile. The look on the young lady's face seems to indicate a certain impatience at having to sit for a photograph. I assure you, she was a sweetie!

The Oceanograsphers Balls

This is notice to other mariners that we are dead in the water performing survey operations, and are thus easy to ram.

Number 6 Lifeboat

For some reason I had a fascination with lifeboats.

Looking Forward

The oil-fired furnace which we used to destroy classified material is on the 04 Level, just aft and below the stack. If you look closely you can see someone (it would be a Navyman) up there working. The entrance to "Old NIC" is to Starboard of the furnace. Below the furnace, on the Starboard side of the 03 Level, is the hatch to Survey Control.

Preparing for a Transponder Launch

Transponder launches and recoveries were a big deal. Recoveries especially, which were often at night and/or in rough weather

Transponder Shop

My transponder shop on the upper 'tween deck of No.5 Hold.


In the North Atlantic, c. 1967. A Russian Sverdlov forces Bowditch to abandon a Survey Line. Cold War hijinks, with a rough edge. Taken with a long lens in dim light. Compare the director tower atop the forward superstructure to the Janes' photo of Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya in the next slide. Note the masts of two other ships in formation astern


Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (I've reversed the photo which is why the hull number "202" is backwards).

Michelson Photo Albums 1970-71

NIC During Sasebo Yard Period

CO's Party, Yard Period, Sasebo

Sasebo Apartment, Yard Period

Yard Period at Sasebo


Entertainment at Sea

Riding the Ship


Contemporary (sort of) Photos

Since Chet Headley and John Hansen have sent contemporary photos, here are a few of mine. I have very few pictures of myself. Strangely, I have more from the times I served on the TAGS than in all the time since! These span the period from c. 1971-1974, when I was stationed at the Naval Submarine School at Groton, to ca. 2003, when I left Pfizer.

Contemporary Photos

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