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Name: Peter Hellman USN
Bowditch 68 - 69
Post from 06-03-2008, 00:01

Great site, Earl. Brought back a lot of memories. I was an ETN2 SINS tech, and reported aboard the Bowditch the day the ship pulled into Bethlehem Steel Shipyards in Hoboken,NJ Nov 68. I'll look around to see if I can find any old photos to add.

Name: William M. Clark LT USN Ret
Bowditch 1960-1961
Post from 06-02-2008, 00:01

OcDet1 EMO as Ensign. A year in the North Sea. Blue Nose Feb 26 196, Stupid, into the Ice in Feb.

Later USS Compass Island EAG153 1965 to 1967

Name: Wayne Hollis USN
Dutton 2 ,1964-1966
Post from 06-01-2008, 00:01

Have lots of pics and info about USNS Dutton that I would be happy to share. Much info about the Palmares, Spain incident with the nuke(I was there.) Hollis ST-2

Name: Jeff Lawrence-Sperry
Michelson 1964-1965
Post from 05-30-2008, 00:01

I recently found this website and am amazed that some of this information and material is still around! Had an unforgettable year on the Michelson and would enjoy hearing from any of the personnel-all old retired guys like me by now-with whom I shared the Pacific experience!

Name: Cliff Wolff OcUnit 3
Michelson 68-69
Post from 05-30-2008, 00:01

Great site that brings back many rememberances of the good old days. The T-AGS ships were a once in a life opertunity for truly unique duty.

I have some pictures to scan and will send them along

Name: Lyle Hildebrand, ET2 USN
Michelson 1960-61
Post from 05-25-2008, 00:01

You did a great job putting this website together! I have learned more about these ships than I learned when I was aboard the USNS Michelson.

Name: Rusty McIntyre RM2 USN
Bowditch 1980-1982
Post from 05-19-2008, 00:01

I had a great experience aboard the Bowditch. I will see if I can dig up our crew photo. I do know we did not wear our dress whites.

Name: Ronald J. Gazboda PH2 USN
Bowditch 1968-1969
Post from 05-19-2008, 00:01

nice website earl. glad i could contribute. i will send those slides to you one day.

Name: Paul Rokoff ETN-2 USN
Dutton 1972 - 1974
Post from 05-08-2008, 00:01

Great site. I'm still finding more pictures. How about a section of how we look today?

Name: ETN 2 Tim Woodring USN
Dutton 76-78
Post from 05-06-2008, 00:01

Thanks Earl, a great site.

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