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Name: Bill "Jinks" Jenkins USN
Bowditch 1969-1976
Post from 08-03-2008, 00:01

This is Bill's daughter...I never knew any details of his time in the Navy this website has been helpful and it has been so neat to see pictures!

My dad died suddenly a year ago from a brain anuerysm, I only got bits and pieces of his navy life...If you served with him and have some stories to share I would love to hear!

Name: John Livingstone Sperry Tec
Bowditch 1978-1979
Post from 07-09-2008, 00:01

Great site! This brings back a lot of great memories. InPorts were always fun. Las Palmas Grand Canary Island, Rota Spain (just after Franco died), Bermuda, Halifax, Port Canaveral Fla, Boston (2 months dry dock in Dec and Jan - one dollar fish chowder and bread at the 'No Name' Restaurant in S. Boston shipyards), and (of course) Norfolk Va. I also have some photos that I can post.

Name: Andrew C Floyd, RM3 USN
Bowditch 1976-79
Post from 07-07-2008, 00:01

Temporary E-mail this is work. Comms will be up at home in a month or two. Please say hello and I will get some photo's out stat when I get access. Nice to have this site. Harvey, Neil, Tom, etc., keep in touch...

Name: Dennis Solo USN
Dutton 1964-65
Post from 07-03-2008, 00:01

I just found this web site. I have pictures to add to the site

Name: Chuck Stalnaker ET-2 SS
Bowditch 1980-1981
Post from 07-02-2008, 00:01

Wow! Thanks Earl for all the hard work on this website. And thanks to Phil for the great work on the guestbook! Never thought I would find anything on the web about the T-AGS. Enjoyed a year of fun on the Bowditch; best duty ever; model rockets, shooting m14's at trash, WRAT radio, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Lisbon. North Atlantic in a hurricane to standby a sinking sailboat till the coasties arrived onscene! Only see one shipmate listed; Rusty McIntyre; hope more find this site. Wished I could have stayed onboard longer but they sent me off to a sub for the next two years... Will try to send a few photos!"FORS PER SCIENTIAM"

Name: ET-3 SS Ed Roncarati USN
Dutton 87-88
Post from 07-29-2008, 00:01

Brings back some memories. What about Hess?

"Any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile ... can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction, 'I served in the United States Navy'."

President John F. Kennedy

Name: Terence "Terry" Gage
Dutton 66- Michelson 66-
Post from 06-18-2008, 00:01

For years I've looked for information on what my dad was doing at sea all those years...Who knew it would be as simple as typing "USNS Dutton" into a search bar?
Thanks to this site, I knew more about him and the job he was doing in twenty minutes than he told me over the course of his entire lifetime.
If anyone can tell me more, Id be glad to hear from you.
Thanks again, and a big "well done!"

Name: Ray Shunk USN GI Tech rep
Bowditch 1967-68 Michelson 1965-66 1970-73
Post from 06-20-2008, 00:01

Great work Earl!

Name: Ray Fleming Gen. Instrument
Dutton 1965-1967 Michelson 1967-1970
Post from 06-14-2008, 00:01

Found website with the help of Chet Headley.
Brings back a lot of old memories.

Name: ETN2 Steve Carlton USN
Bowditch 1972-1973 Michelson 1970-1972
Post from 06-08-2008, 00:01

Whatever happened to Calypso Charlie and Herbie?

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