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Lyle Hildebrand, ET2 USN
Michelson 1960-61
Post # 7
05-25-2008 | 00:01

You did a great job putting this website together! I have learned more about these ships than I learned when I was aboard the USNS Michelson.
Rusty McIntyre RM2 USN
Bowditch 1980-1982
Post # 6
05-19-2008 | 00:01

I had a great experience aboard the Bowditch. I will see if I can dig up our crew photo. I do know we did not wear our dress whites.
Ronald J. Gazboda PH2 USN
Bowditch 1968-1969
Post # 5
05-19-2008 | 00:01

nice website earl. glad i could contribute. i will send those slides to you one day.
Paul Rokoff ETN-2 USN
Dutton 1972 - 1974
Post # 4
05-08-2008 | 00:01

Great site. I'm still finding more pictures. How about a section of how we look today?
ETN 2 Tim Woodring USN
Dutton 76-78
Post # 3
05-06-2008 | 00:01

Thanks Earl, a great site.
Thomas Pusateri USN
Bowditch 1976 - 1978
Post # 2
05-04-2008 | 00:01

Thanks Earl, for putting this together. Great web site for TAGS sailors.
Phil Brooks ET1 USN
Dutton 72-74 Michelson 70-72
Post # 1
02-04-2008 | 00:01

Thanks Earl for putting up such a great site! Thanks for the memories! It will be interesting to see who logs in! Hope to hear from some of you old swabees. Michelson was my first ship, what an experience! Yokohama, Yokosuka, motorcycle trip for one month during the yards, then Sasebo. Went to Nagasaki.. wasn't too welcome there, go figure! Then off to the Dutton for two years; loved Barcelona! Also enjoyed 6 weeks in a hotel in Marseilles during the yards. We drank the hotel dry!!
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