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Name: Francis Reller ETCS USN Ret
Dutton 1971
Post from 02-05-2009, 0

Reported aboard OCUNIT 2 in the shipyard at Wallsend, England in early 1971 as a really "green" chief. I can't believe how young I was. Served on board until the shipyard at Norfolk, Va in the spring of 1972. Finished my career in the navy Jan 31 1984 after 22 years of active duty.

Name: Patrick Yanahan ETR2
Michelson 1963-64
Post from 01-07-2009, 00:01

What a nice surprise to find this web site. I will find some photos and submit them for consideration. After traveling to Europe on the Michelson, I spent my professional career traveling to both Europe and Asia. What an exciting time this was for me..

Name: Don Kennedy
Dutton 2
Post from 12-30-2008, 00:01

2 fun years including imports in Seattle every month for a week. 2 weeks in Hawaii over Christmas holidays in 1978. Drydock in San Francisco for 3 months, Oh man!!!
I was one of the Radiomen onboard.

Michelson 72 - 74
Post from 12-25-2008, 00:01


Name: Bob Lord Bunker Ramo t
Bowditch , Michelson
Post from 12-16-2008, 00:01

Several years floating around in rusty bubbles. Southhampton, Falmouth, Rota, Barcelona, Subic Bay, Yokosuka, and others. Some of the best and most bizarre times in my life.

Name: Andrew Floyd USN Radioman
Bowditch 1976-1978
Post from 11-11-2008, 00:01

Back on-line, have photo's I can share. Hope to speak with others. I see my crew group photo, thank you for the memories.
Please contact me if anyone has time. My best...Andy

Name: Dick Seiden Sperry Gyroscop
Bowditch 12,61 -5, 63 Dutton 12, 61 -3,62 Michelson 12, 1972 -2,1973
Post from 11-02-2008, 00:01

Picked up Bowditch Dec 61 at Caven's Point NJ. Worked overhaul of Bowditch and Dutton NAVDAC Mk I SNs 3 & 4 at Maryland Drydock and Shipbuilding, Brooklyn (Baltimore)MD Sailed to Norway March 1962, Belfast Ireland in July and October, then Pireaus Greece and Naples Italy. Also did some troubleshooting of Bendix G3s on Bowditch.

Sailed on Bowditch for surveys of the Norwegan Sea and North Atlantic, and then the Mediteranian Sea.

Picked up Dutton in Malaga, left in Barcelona. This was some time after we lost use of the Loran C Master at Wheelus Airforce Base in Libia. Worked on Loran for calibration of the Mediterian Net.

Sailed on Michaelson out of Yokuska Japan on special LORAN C ops (SPERRY WPN 3). Left Michaelson at Hakodati Japan

Name: David Moore NAVOCEANO
Bowditch 1966-1972 Dutton 1966-1972
Post from 10-24-2008, 00:01

Made several voyages on TAGS-21 and 22 between 1966 and 1972 as an OSP team member.

Name: Robert Foy NAVOCEANO
Bowditch 1969-1972 Dutton 1969-1972 Michelson 1969
Post from 10-24-2008, 00:01

Served on all three ships as a member of the OSP team.

Name: Don Parker NAVOCEANO, Gravi
Bowditch 1962-1965
Post from 10-23-2008, 00:01

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