USNS Bowditch TAGS-21
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit One

About the Ship

USNS Bowditch T-AGS-21 was converted from the WWII Victory ship SS South Bend Victory

Bowditch Portraits

Crew Portraits

Group pbotos of Navy and civilian personnel aboard Bowditch 1965-81.

Crew Rosters

  • Bowditch MSTS Rosters

  • Navy Crew Rosters

  • Combined TAGS Ship Rosters

Early Operations

  • SS South Bend Victory and the Seagoing Cowboys: 1946-47

  • Survey ships Bowditch and Dutton were involved in the evaluation of the prototype radio navigation system that would become Loran-C

Significant Events

  • Search for USS Scorpion SSN-589

  • Siege of Malta Images from 1565

  • Collision at Sea

  • Cargo Hold Fire

Ship's Newspapers and Cruise Books

Newspapers and Cruise Books Produced Aboard Ship from 1965-84

Bowditch at Sea Video

Bowditch at Sea c. 1974-75
Video by Roger Gilfert

Ship's Documents

  • Food Service Menu June 1, 1973

  • Food Service Menu December 20, 1984

Ship's Movements

Where Was Bowditch?

From Activation in 1959 to Out of Service in 1987

Newspaper Articles

  • La Vanguardia Espanola, December 31, 1967

  • Sealift Magazine, February 1962

  • Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletins 1982-87

  • Naval Oceanography Command News, March 1987

Final Fate

USNS Bowditch was placed out of service in 1988 and transferred to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) National Defense Reserve Fleet in Beaumont, TX. She was struck from the Naval Register and disposed of by MARAD exchange on Mar 4, 1988.

  • Collision at Rio from Sea Technology Magazine, June 1987

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