USNS Bowditch TAGS-21
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit One

Crew Portraits

Oceanographic Detachment One
Fall 1965

Left, standing: LCDR V.L. Harris (Our CO), LT David Crestin (Our XO)

Front, kneeling: IC1 Adair, STG3 Chester Veltman, ET3 John Bayne, STG3 Paul 'Boot' Swagler, ET3 John Valade, IC2 Jenkins, STG3 Bill Lutz

Rear, standing: SK2 'Weasel' Alano, ET1 Charlie King, STG3 Bill Bundy, ET1 Pete Comstock, ET1 'Fred' Frederick, ET3 'Epsi', HM2 Billie 'Doc' Peacock, ET2 Carroll 'Frog' King, unknown, YN2 Jackson, STG1 Fred 'Fury' Johnson, unknown.

Photo taken by PH2 Dave Gross.

Oceanographic Detachment One
July 1966

Row 1, front, kneeling: LT David Crestin, Admin Officer, LCDR Ramstead, CO, LT C.M. McKellips, XO

Row 2, kneeling: ET3 John Bayne, Lee Medeirus, STG3 Paul 'Boot' Swagler, Omar Garrison, ET3 Ripley, HM2 Billie 'Doc' Peacock

Row 3, standing: ET2 Carroll 'Frog' King, STG3 Chester Veltman, unknown, IC2 Jenkins, ET1 Bob Gibby, STG3 Bill Lutz, ET1 Tim Chaisson, ET1 'Fred' Frederick, STG2 Chet Headley

Row 4, standing: SN Hal Burnett, Goforth, ET1 Charlie King, SK1 Stan Mudd, STG3 Bill Bundy, ET2 Roger Pence, ET1 Pete Comstock, ET3 J.D. Powell, Johnson, ET1 Bill Baxley, YN2 Jackson

Photo taken by PH1 Don Hayes & PH2 David Gross, submitted by Paul Swagler.

Oceanographic Unit One
c. 1967-68

Cliff Krouse dates this photo to 1967.

Kneeling, L-R: LCDR Ramstead, our CO; the XO; IC1 Sweeney*; CWO Thompson, our EMO; and our ETC

First Row standing: ET1(SS) Pete Comstock; ET1 James T. Davis; HM1 Billy "Doc" Peacock; ETR2 Earl Adams; SK2 Kelly; SN Hal Burnett; ET2 Carroll "Frog" King; ET2 John Bayne

Back Row: ET2 J.D. Powell; Ray Larkin; ET1 Bob Gibby; ?; Bill Sugg; ET2 Bill Goldrup; ?; ?; MacCourt.

* - He was the "Chief Master at Arms"! See the Badge? Why did we need a CMAA? I don't know!
Courtesy of Earl Adams.

Oceanographic Unit One
c. 1969

Kneeling, L-R: ET3 Forrest Baxter; David A. Ball; ET2 Howie Hillyard; HM1 Billy "Doc" Peacock; ET2 Peter S. Hellman; LTJG Thom Herrold; LCDR John Peter Byrd; LTJG Jim Herriford; ET2 Al Durgan; ST1 Edward Anzalone; ?; IC2 Harley Sorenson

Standing: PH2 Ron Gazboda; R.L. Chaffin; IC2 Larry F. Shallert; ?; ET1 Michael L. Cruce; IC1 ?; ET3 Robert Swanson; ET2 Roger "Porky" Bacon; ST1 Donald Holcomb; ET2 Raymond Larkin; ET3 Bruce Sheridan; IC2 Larry McIntosh; ST2 Edward Haven; ET2 David L. Perkins

Not shown: ET2 John R. Douglass, PH2 Harry Barton "Bart" Clapsaddle III, ENS M. Kent Newton

Courtesy of Ron Gazboda, additional IDs and corrections courtesy of Peter Hellman.

Oceanographic Unit One
September 1971

A formal picture of the crew during the change of command in which LCDR Sturr is being replaced by LCDR Schramm (on the left).

Standing, Left: LCDR William G. Schramm, LTJG James A. Bohnsack, ETC Sam Bates

Standing, Right: LCDR Henry D. Sturr, Jr.

Contributed by Jim Bohnsack.

Oceanographic Unit One
February 19, 1972

This formal picture was extracted from the original paste-up for the Bowditch Cruise Book, March 1972.

Kneeling: 5th from Left: ET1 James T. Davis

Middle: 1st on left: LCDR Schram; 7th: ETN2 Dennis Johnsey.

Courtesy of Bob Lord.

Oceanographic Unit One
July 1976

Group picture of the Navy, Navoceano and tech reps.

Back row, standing, left to right: Blangerd-XO, Kirk Evens-CO, Martin, Tony Genevia (Sperry Rep), Mike L., Ch Martin, Mike Childers (BRN Rep), Larry, Tom Pusateri, Bill "Stretch" Lechnard, Randy Foot, Gary Humber, Paul Farwell, ?, ?

Middle row, kneeling: Reba Hebenthal, Tony “Doc” Charinentio, Dale, Victor Olson, Matt, Neil Schmidt, Gilbert, Calvin Carter, Bernard "Buddy" LaPorte, Ch Frye.

Front row, sitting: "Buzz", ? , Carroll "Frog" King, Bill "Worm" Kress, Larry Anderson, ?, Denny (ET), Ray, Wright, Cordell, John.

If I've mangled anybody's name or mislabeled you, sorry, it's been 30 years! Contributed by Tom Pusateri.

Oceanographic Unit One
April 1978

Contributed by John Livingston.

Oceanographic Unit One
April 1979

Crewmembers identified:

Contributed by John Livingston.

Oceanographic Unit One
July 1979

Crewmembers identified:

Contributed by John Livingston.

Oceanographic Unit One
c. 1980-81

Navy, OGOs and Tech Reps.

Chuck Stalnaker is first row kneeling, far right (in the hard hat). Second row, standing: 10th from left, Giacomo "Jack" Barone.

Contributed by Chuck Stalnaker.

Oceanographic Unit One
c. 1983

Navy, Ocunit1.

Scott Natte, kneeling, hand touching the deck. Picture taken during inport in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Contributed by Scott Natte.

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