Michelson's Navy Enlisted Mess

We ordered from menus,
and were served by stewards !!

Trout for Dinner

Pat and Bob Arnold

Velocimeter Preparation

Pat O'Connor & Bob Arnold getting ready
for a velocimeter drop

John Millhouse and Pat O'Conner

Sonar CPO and Bob Arnold

The Michelson's Dog, Bingo

Bob Arnold (L) C. D. Green (R)

Bob Arnold

With and without beard

Honcho Street

Yokosuka, Japan

Michelson Crew Members

At a Honcho Street bar in 1967

Michelson Party

At a Honcho Street Bar, November, 1967

Threesome Ashore

"Doc" Smith, an MSTS crewman and George Meier

Drying Fish

Dried Fish for Sale