Michelson and Two Submarines

Japanes diesel-electric subs SS-563 Harushio
and SS-564 Michishio

Rust Everywhere

The ship needed some work in those days

Deck Being Repainted

Anti-rust primer applied first

Lifeboats Nos. 2 and 4

A Tech Rep's Stateroom

Ron Smolinski’s nattily decorated stateroom

Navigation Computer

In NIC, the Bunker-Ramo CP-677 computer
It replaced the Sperry NAVDAC

AN/BRN-3 Satellite Nav Receiver

US had a sophisticated, GPS system in the 1960’s
Transit could only get fixes at multi-hour intervals,
as there was only a few birds in orbit then

AN/WPN-3 LORAN C Receivers

Before the advent of digital signal processing
these elecromechanical monsters provided
pretty good position information

Survey Control Center

In the early 70's the Survey Control Center (SCC)
was moved adjacent to NIC on the third deck
in No. 3 hold

Working on SINS Mark 3 Mod 3

Larry Schaff and Ron Smolinski, the Sperry SINS reps

The SINS Binnacle

Ship's Inertial Navigation System

More Equipment in NIC

Not sure what this is

More Equipment in NIC

DEC PDP-8’s to the left

SASS Sonar Room

Control panel and equipment cabinets for the
Ship's Array Sounding System (SASS)

SASS Mag Tape Storage

Magnetic tape drives were used to store the
raw SASS data

SASS CP-677 Computer

Developed specifically for FBM submarine use
Tall, skinny racks to fit through standard hatches
Paper tape reader and punch at right center