Looking Aft in the Pacific

An island can be seen through the haze


On Deck

Dick Kallan (Tech Rep) and LCDR Trotter at the rail,
observing a distant Pacific island

Enjoying Nice Weather

Bob Hicks, Don Swan and Charlie Beatty
in foreground (L to R)

Lifeboat Drill

Lifeboat Drill

Lifeboat Drill

Watching Rain Squall

Don Swan, Steve Gage and Fred Zinchenko
(barely visible, leaning on the rail)
and Bob Hicks in foreground (L to R)

Deck Operations

First Officer Jack Rath (with beard, center frame)
and Second Officer Paul Murray,
on the right, supervising

Man Aloft

Navy crewman checking the AN/BRN-3 antenna

Welding on the OC Hoist

The welder is OCDET3 crewman ET2 Roger Pence

After Superstructure, Looking Forward

Arlo Costin relaxes in chair - below L to R,
LCDR Guy Trotter, an unidentified crewman,
Ben Gorman, John "Doc" Mottram and Dick Kallan

Wrestling Match on Deck

Joe Fee (left) and LTJG Davis refereeing
The wrestlers are Smokey Stover PH1 on the left
and Ben Gorman ET1

Jeff Lawrence

Sperry SINS rep