Calm Seas in the Med

And a beautiful sunset


Jack Keenan at Work in the Med

He must be reading a technical manual--on the Sperry NAVDAC of course

Jack Keenan Fishing in the Med

MSTS Steward Gene Arisati

The Six Man Stateroom

Sperry rep Ron Greenhagen (Loran-C) relaxing

The Sperry Stateroom

The six man room was occupied by Sperry tech reps

Rough Seas in the Med

Harbor Pilot Boarding

At Barcelona

Moored at Piraeus, Greece

October, 1962 - the ship's stern is tied to the pier and her bow is anchored out - the gangway deployed over Dutton's stern

Taking on Fuel

Refueling from a barge at Pireaus Greece, October, 1962

Cosmos Bar on the Ramblas

January 1963 - a much loved watering hole in Barcelona - still in businees in 2021

Christmas Day in Barcelona


Lifeboat Drill

Ron Greenhagen, the Sperry Loran-C rep

Self Service Laundry

Tied Up at Bergen, Norway