Setting Up the Launch Cradle

For the AT-095 Deep Ocean Acoustic Transponder


Assembling Transponder for Launch

At No. 4 hold - six steel plates bolted together, weighing 380 lbs, were the transponder's anchor - an "Anchor Party" was an all-hands activity

Ron Gazboda, Photographer

Ready for Launch

Two MSTS crew members standing on the 02 Level at the crane controls - both No. 4 hold cargo booms were used to launch (and recover) transponders

Raising the Transponder

Raising the Transponder

Lowering Transponder Over the Side

Lowering Transponder Into the Sea

Lowering Transponder Into the Sea

Ready for Release

Released into ocean when Survey Control reports that the transponder is responding to interrogation by the ASPS-III shipboard equipment