Earl Adams


Bill Goldrup

Chess Players

ETC John Grewe on the left and Ripley

In the Pilot House

MSTS deck officer on watch

In the Pilot House

MSTS helmsman

Port Side Bridge Wing

Ladder to Port Side Bridge Wing

Under No.1 Lifeboat, Looking Aft

A cargo boom is just visible under the access platform for No. 1 Lifeboat

Under No.1 Lifeboat

On the starboard side of the 01 Level, looking aft

Starboard Bridge Wing

Ladder to Starboard Bridge Wing

Transponder Shop

The shop was on the upper 'tween deck of No. 5 hold"

Transponder Shop

Transponder Shop

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Number 6 Lifeboat

Looking aft and to port

Looking Aft

Toward No. 4 and No. 5 holds

Number 5 Lifeboat

Looking aft and to starboard

Top of a Cargo Boom

At No. 4 hold

Aft Superstructure

Looking forward from the starboard side of No. 5 hold