Phil Brooks

Phil Brooks served on the Michelson from 1970 to 1972 as a Navy ETN2 and the Dutton from 1972 to 1974 as an ET1.

SINS School

A couple of pix from SINS School in Norfolk, VA prior to getting my orders to the Mickey Maru.

At SINS School

Some of my class mates. I was the only one that wasn't going to a sub. That's me, Phil Brooks, on the right.

At SINS School

Me, Phil Brooks, on the left. Three of us got into trouble, so the instructor made us lay linolium tile as punishment. We got the last laugh however, as we unknowingly put way too much glue down, and it later squeezed out between the tiles making a terrible mess!

USNS Michelson 1970-72 - VIDEO

At Sea

Michelson at sea with heavy wind and spray from the starboard beam.

At Sea
Extended Version (1 min. 5 sec.)

Michelson at sea with heavy wind and spray from the starboard beam.

Leaving Yokohama

Michelson returns to sea from Yokohama, Japan.

Michelson Rolls!

Watch the horizon and hold on to your lunch!

USNS Michelson 1970-72 Photo Albums

Miscellaneous Photos

Life at sea and ashore.

In Rough Seas

Here's a series of Michelson going through rough seas.

Departing Michelson in 1972

After two years aboard, with more life experiences than I'd had in all the previous years of my life, I stood on the pier in Yokosuka and watched the Mickey Maru leave for another cruise and took these series of pictures. I suddenly felt a huge loss, thinking I'll never see the ship or my shipmates aboard ever again. I guess it was the first time I'd ever truly "belonged" to something.

USNS Dutton 1972-74 Photo Album

Photos of Life at Sea and Ashore

Contemporary Photos

Visit to the SS Red Oak Victory

August 15, 2010

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