Books and Technical Papers

Books and articles about navigation and oceanography relating to NAVOCEANO's Ocean Survey Program. Also, some books concerning the VC2 Victory Ships built in 1944-45.

Loran 'C' User Handbook

1992 Edition
US Coast Guard
A general description of the Loan C system and introduction to its use.

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Review of Marine Navigation Systems
and Techniques

January 1965
Department of the Navy
Bureau of Ships
NObsr-81564 SS-050

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Radio Aids to Marine Navigation
and Hydrogrography

Selected Articles from Special Publication No. 39 International Hydrographic Review
Published by the International Hydrographic Bureau
Monaco c. 1962-67
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Next Generation Strategic
Submarine Navigator

By CDR Mark J. Ringlein, Navigation Branch Head Strategic Systems Programs, United States Navy
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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The American Practical Navigator

2019 Edition
Originally by Nataniel Bowditch
Paradise Cay Publications
ISBN-10: 1951116054
ISBN-13: 978-1951116057
2 volumes, 2019, 1200 pp
Updated frequently and in the public domain. "Bowditch" may be downloaded from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the successor agency to NAVOCEANO.

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Dutton's Nautical Navigation
Fifteenth Edition

Thomas J. Cutler
Naval Institute Press
ISBN-10: 1585441147
ISBN-13: 978-1-55750-248-3

Hydro to Navoceano

Charles C. Bates
Publisher: Charles Bates
ISBN-10: 097741440X
ISBN-13: 978-0977414406
January 17, 2006

An Ocean in Common:
American Naval Officers, Scientists
and the Ocean Environment

Gary E. Weir
(Texas a & M University Military History Series)
Texas A&M University Press
ISBN-10: 1585441147
ISBN-13: 978-1585441143
June 2001

From Polaris to Trident
The Development of US Fleet
Ballistic Missile Technology

(Cambridge Studies in International Relations)
Graham Spinardi
Cambridge University Press

Oceanographic Ships: Fore & Aft

Stewart B Nelson
United States Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy

Tectonic Globaloney

N. Christian Smoot
Xlibris Corporation
ISBN-13: 978-1413437294

Ships for Victory:
A History of Shipbuilding under the
U.S. Maritime Commission
in World War II

by Frederic Chapin Lane, Blanche D. Coll, Gerald J. Fischer, David B. Tyler, Arthur Donovan
The Johns Hopkins University Press; Johns Hopkins Paperbacks Ed edition (August 21, 2001)
ISBN-10: 0801867525
ISBN-13: 978-0801867521

The Victory Ships From A(Aberdeen Victory)
to Z(Zanesville Victory)

by Walter W. Jaffee
The Glencannon Press (May 1, 2006)
ISBN-10: 1889901377
ISBN-13: 978-1889901374

When Computers Went to Sea:
The Digitization of the United States Navy

by David L. Boslaugh
John Wiley & Sons; 1st edition (April 27, 1999)
ISBN-10: 0769500242
ISBN-13: 978-0769500249

Cold War at Sea: High-seas
Confrontation Between the United States
and the Soviet Union

By David F. Winkler
Published by Naval Institute Press, 2000
ISBN 1557509557, 9781557509550
263 pages

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