Victory Ship Photo Gallery

Below are 70+ photos of  the 414 VC2-S-AP2 and VC2-S-AP3 cargo vessels built during 1944 and 1945. Not included are the 117 AP5 hulls built as Attack Transport Ships for the US Navy or the AP7s that were completed after the war as passenger/cargo ships.

Many of the ships were built for inital use as troop transports with cargo handling gear to facilitate post war use as freighters.

Emory Victory was the only diesel powered Victory ship. It was classified as a VC2-M-AP4.

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  • American Victory
    American Victory
  • Anchorage Victory
    Anchorage Victory
  • Atcheson Victory (Khedive Ismail, Cleopatra)
    Atcheson Victory (Khedive Ismail, Cleopatra)
  • Attleboro Victory (American Attorney)
    Attleboro Victory (American Attorney)
  • Berwyn Victory (Pacific Telstar)
    Berwyn Victory (Pacific Telstar)
  • Bessemer Victory
    Bessemer Victory
  • Bluefield Victory (Alaska Bear)
    Bluefield Victory (Alaska Bear)
  • Bowdoin Victory
    Bowdoin Victory
  • Carleton Victory
    Carleton Victory
  • Colorado Springs Victory (Sun Karen)
    Colorado Springs Victory (Sun Karen)
  • Costa Rica Victory (Groote Beer)
    Costa Rica Victory (Groote Beer)
  • Cranston Victory (Zuiderkris)
    Cranston Victory (Zuiderkris)
  • Davidson Victory
    Davidson Victory
  • Dominican Victory
    Dominican Victory
  • Drew Victory (USNS Provo)
    Drew Victory (USNS Provo)
  • Emory Victory (North Star III)
    Emory Victory (North Star III)
  • Eufaula Victory
    Eufaula Victory
  • Fenn Victory
    Fenn Victory
  • Gonzaga Victory
    Gonzaga Victory
  • Greenville Victory
    Greenville Victory
  • Haiti Victory (USNS Longview)
    Haiti Victory (USNS Longview)
  • Hannibal Victory
    Hannibal Victory
  • Hillsdalke Victory (Tjipondok)
    Hillsdalke Victory (Tjipondok)
  • Hobbs Victory
    Hobbs Victory
  • Iran Victory (USS Belmont)
    Iran Victory (USS Belmont)
  • Joliet Victory (USNS Michelson)
    Joliet Victory (USNS Michelson)
  • Kelso Victory (Oriental Destiny)
    Kelso Victory (Oriental Destiny)
  • Kingsport Victory (USNS Kingsport)
    Kingsport Victory (USNS Kingsport)
  • Kingston Victory
    Kingston Victory
  • Knox Victory (USNS Huntsville)
    Knox Victory (USNS Huntsville)
  • Laconia Victory (Oakley L. Alexander)
    Laconia Victory (Oakley L. Alexander)
  • Lane Victory
    Lane Victory
  • Lindenwood Victory
    Lindenwood Victory
  • Lynchburg Victory
    Lynchburg Victory
  • Madawaska Victory
    Madawaska Victory
  • Mantako Victory
    Mantako Victory
  • Maritime Victory (USAT Frederick C. Murphy)
    Maritime Victory (USAT Frederick C. Murphy)
  • Marshall Victory
    Marshall Victory
  • Marshfield Victory
    Marshfield Victory
  • Marysville Victory
    Marysville Victory
  • Mayfield Victory
    Mayfield Victory
  • Medina Victory (Laurentia)
    Medina Victory (Laurentia)
  • Meredith Victory
    Meredith Victory
  • Middlesex Victory
    Middlesex Victory
  • Mills Victory
    Mills Victory
  • Moline Victory
    Moline Victory
  • Navajo Victory
    Navajo Victory
  • Niantic Victory (USNS Watertown)
    Niantic Victory (USNS Watertown)
  • Newberry Victory (Constantia)
    Newberry Victory (Constantia)
  • Newcastle Victory
    Newcastle Victory
  • Notre Dame Victory (Cliffs Victory)
    Notre Dame Victory (Cliffs Victory)
  • Owensboro Victory (USAT Pvt. Joe E. Mann)
    Owensboro Victory (USAT Pvt. Joe E. Mann)
  • Pacific Victory
    Pacific Victory
  • Pan American Victory
    Pan American Victory
  • Pomona Victory (Tervaete)
    Pomona Victory (Tervaete)
  • Princeton Victory
    Princeton Victory
  • Provo Victory
    Provo Victory
  • Red Oak Victory
    Red Oak Victory
  • Rutgers Victory
    Rutgers Victory
  • Rutland Victory (Oriental Ace)
    Rutland Victory (Oriental Ace)
  • Saginaw Victory (Oriental Express)
    Saginaw Victory (Oriental Express)
  • Salina Victory (Talthybius)
    Salina Victory (Talthybius)
  • Simmons Victory (USS Liberty)
    Simmons Victory (USS Liberty)
  • South Bend Victory (USNS Bowditch)
    South Bend Victory (USNS Bowditch)
  • Stevens Victory (USNS Joe P. Martinez)
    Stevens Victory (USNS Joe P. Martinez)
  • Tuskegee Victory (USNS Dutton)
    Tuskegee Victory (USNS Dutton)
  • Twin Falls Victory (John W. Brown II)
    Twin Falls Victory (John W. Brown II)
  • United States Victory
    United States Victory
  • United Victory (Khedive Ismail)
    United Victory (Khedive Ismail)
  • Valdosta Victory
    Valdosta Victory
  • Vassar Victory (Castel Bianco, Begona)
    Vassar Victory (Castel Bianco, Begona)
  • Villanova Victory
    Villanova Victory
  • Waterbury Victory
    Waterbury Victory
  • Webster Victory
    Webster Victory
  • Westerly Victory
    Westerly Victory
  • Williams Victory
    Williams Victory
  • Winthrop Victory
    Winthrop Victory
  • Wooster Victory (Castel Verde)
    Wooster Victory (Castel Verde)

A comprehensive listing of all the Victory ships can be found at the Mariners Website. It includes building yards, completion dates and a short history of each vessel.

More photos can be found here.