USNS Michelson TAGS-23
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit Three

SS Grand Crewmembers

Comments by Chet Headley: The pictures include a scan of the back of each individual's photo. They each wrote a note on the back, which is reproduced here for posterity. A couple of the men didn't write English so I wrote their names on the back in English. All but two wrote something in Chinese. I also added three pictures (very poor focus) that I took in the Master's stateroom where the men had dinner with Capt Landry. The date written on the backs of the pictures is 15 Jan 1965. These were taken about three days after the rescue and about one day prior to arriving in port to drop them off.

The names and addresses of the six crew members of the SS Grand rescued by the USNS Michelson T-AGS-23, January 1965, in the North Pacific. Included also is the name and address of the steamship company which operated the SS Grand.

Shih Chen-Yei

Wu Chin Boo

Chen Chin Liu

Wang Li Shu

Chang Shu Ho

Hwang Jiann Chung

HM1 John "Doc" Mottram

Dinner With Captain Landry

Dinner With Captain Landry

Survivor Being Carried Below

Photo from The Pacific Voyageur, January 1965.

Survivors and HM1 John Mottram

Photo from The Pacific Voyageur, January 1965.

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