USNS Michelson TAGS-23
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit Three

Ship's Documents

OcDet 3 Bulletin June 12, 1961

Thanks to Lyle Hildebrand.

Maintenance Assignments 1970-71

OcUnit3 was desperately short of techs during this period. There were 14 techs for both watchstanding and maintenance. It was during this period that OcUnit3 went to 3 watches of 6hr each, with a 6hr workday. For diurnal primates controlled by a 24hr circadian rhythm, this was metabolically disruptive. But...who knew?

Courtesy of Earl Adams.

Naval Message May 9, 1972

From NAVOCEANO alerting subordinate commands to the mining of Haiphong Harbor.

Courtesy of Chet Headley.

Food Service Menu

A dinner menu, dated April 10, 1961. The Bowditch had similar menus, as did the Dutton. We ate well at sea!

Thanks to Lyle Hildebrand.

Food Service Menu

Dinner menu dated April 11, 1961.

Thanks to Lyle Hildebrand for sharing these fine memories with us.

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