USNS H. H. Hess TAGS-38
Oceanographic Unit Three

About the Ship

USNS H. H. Hess T-AGS-38 was converted from the C4 class break bulk cargo ship SS Canada Mail

Early Operations

SS Canada Mail is Converted to Survey Ship USNS H. H. Hess

H. H. Hess Portraits

Crew Portraits

Group pbotos of Navy personnel and civilian tech reps aboard H. H. Hess.

Crew Rosters

Combined TAGS Ship Crew Rosters

Ship's Newspapers

  • H. H. Hess BoWatch October 1981

  • H. H. Hess BoWatch February 1982

  • H. H. Hess BoWatch July 1982

Ship's Documents

  • Ship's Telephone Directory April 1980

  • Ship's Telephone Directory May 1981

Ship's Movements

H. H. Hess' Voyages and Ports of Call 1978-92

Newspaper Articles

Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletins 1982-87

Final Fate

H. H. Hess was taken out of service on January 16, 1992 at Port Canaveral, then laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet at Benecia, California.

On December 29, 2010 the ship was sold to Esco Marine of Brownsville, Texas. for dismantling. Scrapping was complete September 1, 2011.

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