USNS Dutton TAGS-22
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit Two

Newspaper Articles

Sealift Magazine February 1962

Publication of the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS).

Return of Bowditch, Dutton and Michelson to New York after initial deployment.

Thanks to Dave Royer.

Sealift Magazine November 1964

Dutton photo and short article in Sealift's "Meet the Ships" feature. Captain Wilhelm H. Bondeson is identified as the ship's master. Includes nebulous description of the ship's mission and operating areas.

The Wellsboro Gazette
Wellsboro, PA July 27, 1972

This news item about ET1 Robert Marple is from The Wellsboro Gazette, July 27, 1972, Wellsboro, PA.

Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin
October 1982

This announcement is a bit premature. Both Bowditch and Dutton kept on steaming for several years. C3 vessels SS Moremac Scan and SS Moremac Lake were never converted to anything.The ships designated T-AGS-39 and T-AGS-40 were newly constructed as USNS Maury and USNS Maury, purpose built as diesel powered survey ships.

Thanks to Bill Truslow.

Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin
August 1985

Two short Dutton news items with photos of OcUnit Two personnel.

Thanks to Bill Truslow.

Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin
September 1985

Shellback initiation activities as Dutton crossed the equator on June 12, 1985.

Thanks to Bill Truslow.

Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin
January/February 1988

Dutton completed a seven month, 77,000 mile round the world voyage.

Thanks to Bill Truslow.

The News-Record
Gillette, Wyoming May 2007

The May 2007 Obituary of Rodney Eveland, who served aboard USNS Dutton c. 1967.

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