USNS Dutton TAGS-22
Oceanographic Detachment/Unit Two

Final Fate

Dutton Retirement Ceremony
September 12, 1989

Dutton retired from service at Gulfport, Mississippi. At least she got a ceremony. The article includes a brief history as well. This is from the Naval Oceanographic Office Bulletin September-October, 1989.

Dutton at Brownsville, Texas
Shipbreakers Yard

On October 16, 2007, shipmate Chet Headley visited USNS Dutton at All Star Metals in Brownsville, Texas where the ship awaited final disposal.

Here is a full page photo scroll of his visit.

Dutton Laid Up at Beaumont, Texas
National Defense Reserve Fleet

According to the Mariners website victory ship index, in 1989 Dutton was laid up at the Beaumont, Texas "National Reserve Fleet".

These images from Google Earth c. 2006 show what appears to be the ship.

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