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Navy Achievement Medal (Oct 15, 1972)  
The Navy Achievement Medal that I received for my service in Oceanographic Unit Three aboard USNS Michelson T-AGS-23.

I'm quite proud of this award....but almost no one knows what it means, even people that were in the Navy, certainly none of my friends.  My cousin's husband (about 65 yo) was a Captain in the Navy (actually worked his way up from Seaman!!) and he saw it on my desk and he was impressed.  He said enlisted guys almost never get that medal.  So, dang, I guess I did something good!!

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AN/WPN-3 Loran-C Equipment Modification Proposal (Sep, 1970 - Apr, 1972)
  While aboard Michelson, I developed and submitted a plan to move the AN/WPN-3 Loran-C receivers from the Survey Control Center on the 03 Level to the Navigation Information Center NIC on the 3rd Deck of No.3 Hold.  The proposal was accepted and the receivers were moved on all three TAGS. 

This saved the OcUnit crew the SCC watchstander position.  And...it saved the watch supervisor those marathon ladder runs from Sonar to Survey Control!
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Letter of Appreciation (ca. late 1971)
  This letter of appreciation was placed in my service jacket by LCDR  Ernest Young, CO OcUNIT 3, just before I left the Michelson.    
OcUnit 2 Plaque  
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USNS Dutton Postcard  
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USNS Bowditch Postcard
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The Royal Order of Atlantic Voyageurs 
  April 13, 1972

Awarded for USNS Dutton's crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Norfolk, VA to Rota, Spain. 
Custom Made TAGS Ship Hats 
  Phil sailed aboard both Michelson and Dutton. He had these hats custom embroidered; the ships' profiles looks just about right.