Henry Alubowicz
Dutton Memorabilia 1979

OcUnit 2 Change of Command Booklet
September 4, 1979

The 1979 OcUNIT 2 change of command took place in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on September 4th. LCDR John V. Rowney was relieved by LCDR Michael A. McCallister.

USNS Dutton Information Booklet

An undated booklet of information about the ship and OcUnit for new crewmembers. The booklet would probably have been distributed to Navy crew only because of the classified nature of some of the information.

Although the information is undated, the equipment configuration in NIC places the NIC diagram ca. 1963-1969.

Mt. Fuji Climb 1979

I arranged this trip through the USO at Yokosuka Naval Base.

The photo was taken on 31 Aug, 1979, by ET2 Jerry Harlow, since our photog Bruce Gray wanted to be in the photo. I have to believe that Bruce is the one who processed the photo. A number of us got 8"x10" glossy copies. Unless otherwise noted, everyone is USN (Doug Wilson is NavO).

Key to names in group photo.

Mt. Fuji Climb 1979

Pointers for climbing Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Climb 1979

What to bring on a Fuji climb.

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