Ron Walker
Dutton Memorabilia 1969-70

Dutton General Information
Early 1969

This is a (three page) transcription of the informational letter I received from Oceanograpic Unit 2 while at the NavAids school at Dam Neck in early 1969. The original letter is a very light mimeograph that I've had no luck in scanning, so I went ahead and entered it into MS Word.

Helped significantly by my discovery of Colt 45 as a study aid at the enlisted club, I came in 2nd in the NavAids course at Dam Neck, and was able to choose my next duty station. Our instructor had been on one of the survey ships, and his sea stories convinced me to put in for one of them. I got orders to the Dutton, and received the General Information Letter.

The letter piqued my curiosity, especially the bit about remaining outside CONUS for the duration of the assignment. The extent of my foreign travel up to then consisted of a trip to Tijuana. The letter was generally accurate, but I am pleased to report that the statement "most personnel in the Unit wear civilian coat and tie as standard dress for liberty" was not.

Top of the World ("Blue Nose") Certificate
Wallet Card

Here is my Top of the World certificate from the Dutton. As I remember, we were there to take part in a search pattern for survivors of a sunken Norwegian coastal freighter. We stood watches on the bridge wings for 45 minutes each to look for survivors, that was as long as we could stay out in the COLD!

Belfast Seaman's Hostel Receipt
March 1969

Here's a photo of the receipt from the Stella Maris seaman's hostel in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I stayed there because the Navy sent me to Belfast after the Dutton had left on cruise in March of 1969. I spent one night here, then 3 weeks at the Londonderry ComSta and caught Dutton when she came back in to Belfast. I think the Stella Maris is still there in Belfast.

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