Paul Rokoff
Dutton Memorabilia 1972-74

OcUnit 2 Beer Stein

Beer Stein with the OcUnit Two patch.

This is the second one I bought. The first cracked because it couldn't take hot liquids!

OcUnit 2 Coffee Cup

My Dutton coffee mug, complete with coffee stains. Could it be Dutton coffee?

OcUnit 2 Lighter

Zippo lighter with the OcUnit2 patch.

Dutton Postal Cancel

From the date I think Jim Stuckart hand canceled this one.

Change of Command Ceremony
Program Booklet

Southampton, England. In July, 1972 LCDR David C. Honhart relieved LCDR James Koehr as Commanding Officer Oceanographic Unit 2.

Someone expended considerable effort to hand letter this booklet. Unfortunately the result is almost illegible, so I've transcribed the text:

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