Art Dayson
Bowditch Memorabilia 1973

Technical School Certificates

Before reporting to OcUnit One on USNS Bowditch I attended two technical schools, one for the CP677 computer in Dam Neck, VA,and a second for the SASS bathymetry sonar at Harris ASW in Westwood, MA. Here are the graduation certificates.

Course Graduation Certificate, Spec Tech CP677

The CP-677 computer was the data processing equipment for the SASS multibeam sonars used on Bowditch, Dutton and Michelson (and on USS Compass Island AG-153). It was also used on the BRN-3 Satellite Navigation Receiver and as NAVDAC, the navigation data assimilation computer.

Course Completion Certificate, SASS

SASS was the first multibeam, stabilized, bathymetry sonar, now commonly called SWATH sonars.

Command Duty Officer Assignments

OcUnit One Memo, June 15, 1973.

Information for New Personnel

"Helpful information for personnel being transferred to Oceanographic Unit ONE", Commanding Officer, Oceanographic Unit ONE, March 30, 1972.

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