CP-677 Boot Tape

The Bunker-Ramo CP-677 (aka A/N UYK-1) computer was the data processor for the SASS array sonar, the AN/BRN-3 satellite navigation receiver and, ca. 1969-1970, replaced the Sperry NAVDAC Mk I as the navigation data computer.

The CP-677 included a punched paper tape reader, used to load utilities and programs. According to Christine Headley who contributed it, the tape pictured below was used to boot the computer used to process SASS sonar data.

While a one inch wide fanfold tape, it is punched with a five bit code like those used on teletype and telex machines of that time, which commonly used a narrower 11/16 inch wide tape. There is a short strip of metallic tape covering the sprocket holes at one end, perhaps to indicate the starting end.

While decoding the tape using the baudot standard yields jibberish, random letters and line feeds, it must have meant something to the CP-677 to boot it into action.

Mouseover the tape to stop the scrolling motion.

SASS Array Sonar CP-677 Computer Boot Tape Marked "UTILITY LOADER OLHP BOWDITCH 3/10/66"