Cliff Wolff

Cliff Wolff served as a Navy ET1 aboard USNS Michelson in 1968-69.

Michelson Photos 1968-69

Cliff Wolff on Guam

Picture taken of me at Gab-Gab Beach on the Naval Station .

Cliff in his Stateroom

Picture of me in the room next to the ship's hospital. We named each room. I lived in the Bar Strange due to the classical music I listened to. The hospital was the Bar Bichuate, another room was the Bar Aquarium as it was painted like a fish tank. Fun days! We kept to the Japanese naming system with Bar First.

That's a Stan Getz album between my feet. Note the sign: SHOES OFF DOZO (SHOES OFF PLEASE).

Ashore on Guam

ETN2 Nunes, ET1 Girtman, ET1 Wolff, ET1 Hicks, ETN2 Paul and IC3 Roddy at Gab-Gab Beach.

Trip to Nagasaki

ETN2 McKee, ET1 Wolff, ET1 Dumanowski and ET1 Hicks.

"Fishing Trawler"

Russian AGI- A guy that gave us difficulty on a run out of Guam.

Sasebo, Japan

Michelson moored alongside a new Idemitsu-class tanker.

Yokohama Photo Albums 1968-69

The City of Yokohama

The Port of Yokohama

Contemporary Photos

A collection of photos from my visit to the SS American Victory in Tampa, Florida in June of 2011. SS American Victory is fully operational and makes two Relive History Cruises per year.
The official SS American Victory site is here./

A Visit to SS American Victory

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