Chuck Stalnaker

Charles "Chuck" Stalnaker was a Navy ET and served in OcUnit One aboard USNS Bowditch in 1980-81.

SINS School 1980

SINS Graduating Class

First row left: Chuck Stalnaker
2nd from left: Terry Lynn Morrow

Me and my best buddy Terry Lynn Morrow graduating SINS class and both headed to the Bowditch. He went UDT/SEALS and would have graduated but his girlfriend said 'NO WAY'. I am in the front row left and he is to my right next to me. Best bud ever, he was a lumberjack from Oregon. We took SCUBA lessons together; you should have seen him and me on a Kawasaki 750 with full SCUBA gear and two 3000 PSI tanks!

USNS Bowditch 1980-81

Bowditch at Anchor in Lisbon, Portugal

OcUnit One

A newer version of the OcUnit One shield and motto.

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