Bennett was a Navy Electronics Technician from December 1978 to December 1984. He served aboard the Hess from May 1980 to March 1982. He served watches in NIC, Sonar, and SCC and was a watch supervisor and command duty officer toward the end of his tour. An avid electronics hobbyist, he used the electronics lab to build audio amplifiers, preamps, and single board computers.

During his enlistment Bennett attained an Associate of Science from Mohegan Community College, an FCC General License with RADAR endorsement, and multiple certifications from the Electronic Technicians' Association.

Bennett has been working in information technology since leaving the Navy. He eventually graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Excelsior College. He is blessed with a loving wife, daughter, and granddaughter.


HESS PHOTOS, 1980-1982
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  The crew of OcUnit 3 ca. 1981.
  USNS H. H. Hess T-AGS-38
  SS Canada Mail as it looked prior to being converted to the Hess.
  USNS Hess transiting the Panama Canal at night.
  The bridge of the Hess. Probably taken during a Panama Canal transit.
  The USS George Washington transiting the canal in 1984. I was the ships photog at the time. Got to shoot it from an escort gunboat.