Captain Wilhelm Bondeson

Constance Niclas has contributed some interesting material about Captain Wilhelm F. Bondeson, who had a long career as a merchant seaman with Swedich America Line, USAT and MSTS. He was master of USNS Michelson in the early 1960s, later master of USNS Dutton in 1964-65 and USNS Bowditch in 1968.

She reports that Bondeson was her godfather and that her family was very close to Captain Bondeson, who had no family of his own. Her father, Harry Leo Lane, served under Bondeson as an MSTS deck officer and was later promoted to Captain.

Michelson Photo 1962 and Undated News Clippings

Captain Wilhelm F. Bondeson

AS Michelson's master, on the port side bridge wing in 1962. MSTS (Military Sea Transportation Service) deck officers were rarely seen in dress uniforms. This photo may have been taken at the time of an inspection, change of command or another special occasion.

Bondeson was Michelson's master until the ship returned to the US for a Brooklyn Navy Yard refit in September 1963. According to the crew roster entries, he was master of survey ships USNS Dutton in 1964-65 and of USNS Bowditch in 1968.

A biographical article about Captain Bondeson can be found here.

Master's Plaque

Constance Niclas, who is Bondeson's God daughter, sent in a photo of Captain Bondeson's Master Name Plate. She is traveling to the maritime Swedish academy that he attended in Goteborg Sweden. She will be leaving his masters plaque at his grave, while attending a family reunion in September 2023.

Award Presentation

News clipping from 1962 or earlier. Bondeson presents an award to one of Michelson's ABs (able seamen). This likely appeared in the MSTS Sealift magazine or a similar publication.

Master of USNS Dutton

Another news clipping. Bondeson was appointed master of USNS Dutton as the ship emerged from a shipyard overhaul at Brooklyn in 1964.

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