Richard Newman

Richard Newman served on USNS Bowditch from mid-1972 to late-1974 as a Navy ET. About a month after being on board, he was designated the Crew's Lay Leader. He had a practice of putting scripture on the bulletin board once a week, as well as a bible study in the chow hall on Wednesdays.

Bowditch Photo Albums 1972-74

OcUnit One Spaces

Southampton June 1973

Cartagena, Spain and the Wreck of the Bowditch

After the collision between the Ivory Coast freighter T/N Penelope and USNS Bowditch on November 13, 1973, we pulled into Cartagena, Spain for temporary repairs. Penelope also docked at Cartagena.

The Yards

November-December 1973. Baltimore, Norfolk and Red Hook.


The Azores

LaCoruna, Spain

Storm at Sea 1974

Pulling Into Lisbon

On the Tagus River.

Lisbon Monuments


The South Bank.

Arriving at Southampton

June 1974

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