Jack Keenan

Jack Keenan was a Sperry Field Engineer assigned to USNS Dutton as a NAVDAC Rep from March 20, 1962 to March 11, 1963. He was responsible for the Sperry MK I NAVDAC. Jack also served aboard USNS Michelson in 1966.

Dutton Photo Albums 1962-63

Dutton in the Med

Bergen, Norway

April 1962


December 1962-January 1963

Michelson Photo and Photo Albums 1966

The Michelson Tech Reps

Top Row: Jack Keenan (Sperry), Vince Moldari (General Instruments) D. Sheehy, C. Nipper (GI)

Bottom Row: S. May, S. Strunce, Roger Hessler (GI), C. Gutierrez (Bunker Ramo)

Honcho Street in Yokosuka

Yokosuka and the Naval Base

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