Elton R. "Ray" Fleming

Ray Fleming was a technical representative from the General Instrument Company, responsible for the maintenance of the SASS Sonar Array Sounding System on the TAGS. Ray served aboard USNS Dutton in 1965-67 and USNS Michelson in 1967-70.

Michelson Photos 1967-70

On Board Ship

The photo is from late 1967 or early 1968; we were standing on the 01 level, presumably, while entering the port of Yokosuka.

The five people in the picture are L to R:
Unknown Tech Rep, Roger D. Hessler (GI), Chet Headley (GI), Unknown US Navy, Cal Day, Senior Scientist Navoceano.

(Text courtesy of Chet Headley.)


L to R: Unknown (Sperry SINS Rep.), Roger D. Hessler (GI).

Not sure where the picture was taken; it does not look like the Officer's Club in Yokosuka so it is probably a restaurant in town, possibly the Kobe Beef Steak House, or whatever it was called. The picture was sent to Chet Headley by Ray; Ray thought that was Chet in the picture with Roger. I remember the guy was the Sperry Rep, just not his name. It will probably come to me one of these days.

(Text courtesy of Chet Headley.)

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