Earl was a Navy Electronics Technician from Sept 1964 to May 1974.  He served aboard Bowditch from Dec 1966 to Jan 1969, as an ETR-3 and ETR-2, and aboard Michelson from May 1970 to Mar 1971, as an ET-1. Aboard Bowditch he was responsible for the ASPS-III Acoustic Ships Positioning System and the Deep Ocean Transponders, and served in transponder launches and watches in NIC, Sonar and Survey Control. On Michelson he was leading ET and watch supervisor, as well as the BRN-3 technician.

He attended The Pennsylvania State University after leaving the Navy, graduating with a B.S. in Biophysics, and worked in biomedical and pharmaceutical research until 2003. He is currently a writer.

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  Lady_the_Door.jpg (606620 bytes) New Lisbon (and Barcelona?) album 1-Earl_Adamsr.jpg (178805 bytes) Bowditch at sea-Misc. B&W
  Cutie.jpg (558411 bytes) Ace Hunter sent me this one, taken in Barcelona. No I am not asleep, I am contemplating the near future, which is the reason for the smile.  The look on the young lady's face seems to indicate a certain impatience at having to sit for a photograph.  I assure you, she was a sweetie!
  amsterdam1.jpg (96865 bytes) Amsterdam. 1_oceanballs.jpg (631385 bytes) At sea. Bowditch hoists the "Oceanographer's Balls", ca. March 1967.
  Two_girls.jpg (100233 bytes) Lisbon 04-Liberty Boat docking.jpg (145322 bytes) Lisbon: Liberty Boat.
  02.jpg (141496 bytes) Malta: Car and Apartment. 10.jpg (172097 bytes) Malta: Coming In.
  Malta_Girl1.jpg (95995 bytes) Malta Girls. 18.jpg (197827 bytes) Malta: Party.
  20.jpg (164615 bytes) Malta: Valetta. 30.jpg (309323 bytes) Malta: Yards.
  1_BowditchPompeiNov1967.jpg (146371 bytes) Pompeii. Nov, 1967 earladams.jpg (95357 bytes) Stateroom and roommates, Bowditch, 1968.
  1-Sverdlov.jpg (76793 bytes) A Russian Sverdlov forces Bowditch off station. ca. 1967-1968, somewhere in the North Atlantic. crew1.jpg (79628 bytes) The Crew, Bowditch, 1967-1968.
  Transpondershop.jpg (290325 bytes) Transponders    
  Ace_wife1r.jpg (153802 bytes) In 1969 I was stationed at Dam Neck Virginia, attending BRN-3 school.  Me and a shipmate from Bowditch (I can't remember his name, but he had a yellow XKE) visited William "Ace" Hunter at his home in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Ace was an old shipmate from Bowditch, and had previously served on Michelson.  He was a charter member of the Bowditch Band, along with Jim Lester and Bill Goldrup.
  1-Sasebo.jpg (126363 bytes) CO's Party, Yard Period, Sasebo nic03.jpg (168225 bytes) NIC, Sasebo, Yard Period
  02-Saseboapartment2.jpg (165175 bytes) Sasebo Apartment, Yard Period 40.jpg (113162 bytes) Yard Period, Sasebo
  Michelson_stateroom1.jpg (160527 bytes) Stateroom shuffleboard1.jpg (146787 bytes) Entertainment at Sea
  ride1a.jpg (79662 bytes) Riding the Ship 01-pitchup.jpg (74355 bytes) Pitch
  velocimeter1.jpg (121398 bytes) Velocimeter    
Earl Adams, Contemporary (sort of) Photos
  10-DSCL_Lab2.JPG (157606 bytes) Since Chet and John Hansen have sent contemporary photos, here are a few of mine. I have very few pictures of myself.  Strangely, I have more from the times I served on the T-AGS than in all the time since!  These span the period from ca. 1971-1974, when I was stationed at the Naval Submarine School at Groton, to ca. 2003, when I left Pfizer.