Ron Walker

Ron Walker was a member of Oceanographic Unit Two aboard USNS Dutton from February 1969 to February 1971. An ETN2, his specialty was the BRN-3.

Dutton Photos 1969-70

In the Firth of Forth in 1969

Ron comments: "I'm surprised the Dutton was in service as long as she was. My first berthing when I reported aboard in 1969 was in "blockhouse 6", the stateroom at the bottom of the ladder up to the main deck. That stateroom was directly below where the superstructure bulkhead met the main deck. In heavy weather, we would get seawater leaking down from our ceiling, and the next import we'd have welders patching up the holes again. Blockhouse 6 got its name from Bremerhaven, where Blockhouse 9 was a popular house of ill repute."

In the North Atlantic

Ron comments: "More pictures I took on the Dutton, 1969-1970, in the North Atlantic. I've got some others, but in different formats, and as I can digitize them, I'll share them."

In the North Atlantic

In the North Atlantic

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