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Generally, there are two varieties of ship's newspapers. Some were summaries of world and national news extracted from wire service reports. These were intended for shipboard distribution. Very few of these appear here probably due to the ephemeral nature of their content. Most newspapers, like Michelson's Atlantic Voyageur and the Dutton FamilyGram were written mainly for the folks back home. Some content may have been intended for public information, to be rebublished in publications like All Hands or Sealift magazine.

Cruise books had a different audience. Their irreverent, whimsical material was intended to be read by the Navy personnel, merchant mariners and civilians aboard ship. Those pictured in cabndid photos are usually not identified. Cruise books are close to incomprehensible to anyone not present at the time.

USNS Bowditch

Newspapers and cruisebooks 1965-84

USNS Dutton

Newspapers and cruisebooks 1962-83

USNS Michelson

Newspapers and cruisebooks 1962-74

USNS H. H. Hess

Newspapers and cruisebooks 1981-82

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