Ship's Drawings

(Courtesy of Wayne "Rick" Hollis)
These drawings are black and white renderings of the original blueprints showing the VC2-S-AP3 vessel USNS Dutton after converson in 1958. USNS Bowditch and USNS Michelson were generally similar. Significant changes were made to Michelson and Dutton during yard periods in 1964 and to Bowditch in 1965, reflecting Navy living and working spaces in the former #2 and #3 holds.

Plate No. 1:  Title Page
Plate No. 2:  General Information Data

 Plate No. 3: 
Cabin Deck - 02 Level
Bridge Deck - 03 Level - Survey Control Center
Top of House - 04 Level - "Old" NIC
05 Level
Plate No. 4:
Gun Platform
Foc's'l Deck
Boat Deck - 01 Level - Officer's Mess

(Plate No. 5: Main Deck is missing)
Plate No. 6:  Outboard Profile

(Plate No. 7: Inboard Profilke is missing)

Plate No. 8:  Second Deck and Stores Flat
OcUnit Berthing
Crew's Lounge
Sick Bay, Hospital

Plate No. 9:  First Platform and Machinery Flat

Hydro Plot
OcUnit Office
Photography Lab, ET Shop, Storeroom

Plate No. 10: Hold

Gravity Meter Room
Sonar Room

Plate No. 11:  Inner Bottom

Starboard Side View 1958 - 1964

Differences between the ships included the Acoustic Transponder Shop on Bowditch and the OC Hoist at Michelson's stern.

Victory ship hull sheer plan, half-breadth plan and body plan.

From Original Design Drawings from US Maritime Commission Plan No. MCV-SAP2-S5-0-9.

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